Don’t punch right, because you might strike a donation scam by accident

There are various people who criticize Israel despite having close connections to one or more Jewish communities. One prominent example is TANSTAAFL, whose story is summarized below:

14 January 2010

I have generally avoided discussing details of my personal life on this blog. I don’t wish to change that, but there is something I feel obligated to divulge.

My wife’s father was an ashkenazi jew. He died when she was young but was by all accounts a loving, intelligent, and productive man who was not involved in stereotypically jewish politics or activism. My wife was not raised as a jew, though she is of course genetically 1/2 ashkenazi, and thus our children are, on average, genetically 1/4 ashkenazi.

I have not previously written of this for several reasons.

When I first started blogging in 2005 it seemed no more relevant to what I was thinking and writing than any other detail of my personal life. At that time I had no explicit racial awareness. I knew little about jews and considered them “white”. People who thought otherwise seemed insane to me.

In 2007, with a deepening understanding of globalization and immigration, and especially neo-conservative hypocrisy (Sailer’s “invade the world, invite the world”), I began to violate PC in earnest. I became racially aware. I realized then that my wife and children’s jewish heritage was relevant, though at that time I saw it only as a potential shield from smears of “anti-semitism”. I did not use it then for the same reason I have never resorted to “some of my best friends are…” defenses. Such tactics are a distraction, ultimately a waste of time and energy.

Since 2007 I have come to appreciate the biological and psychological differences between Whites and jews, as well as the history of jewish aggression and malfeasance against Whites. What I had seen as a shield turned into an achilles heel. I cared less about offending jews and more about offending fellow Whites. My self-regard shifted from confidence to unease.

I love my family. What I want stands. I can’t roll back time and make this revelation sooner, but I can at least be forthright about it from here on.

I have no idea whether TANSTAAFL accepts donations; I have never seen any solicitation for donations on his blogs.

Some petty people are happy that TANSTAAFL is uncomfortable, and enjoy harping on the fact that if he ever gets an ethno-nationalist state, he won’t be able to live in  it with his children.

I think his disclosure was dignified and even philosophical. I don’t think he is going to get an ethno-nationalist state in his lifetime, but even if he did, I suspect he would not weep at being exiled from it.  He appears to be stoic enough to sacrifice his personal comfort for his principles.

By contrast, some particularly undignified blogs and websites are upfront about requesting donations:





Mike Enoch’s wife appears to be the mastermind behind Mike Enoch’s website. It appears that it was primarily a donation-seeking scam to both of them.

People don’t get particularly upset when a Jew decides to criticize Judaism. (Benjamin Freedman is still widely quoted.)

A lot of people do get upset when Jews pretend to be neo-Nazis just to scam suckers out of donations. Allegedly the same married couple has pulled this donation-seeking scam with other subcultures (e.g. Christian fanatics).

In this context, it worth revisiting a “neoreactionary” slogan that is very popular at “The Right Stuff” – “Don’t punch right.” Similarly, many neoreactionaries constantly repeat: “No enemies to the right.”

At least in some cases, the alleged right-wingers don’t want the suckers to punch right because punches to the right would disrupt donation scams.

The woman’s promotion of gay sex appears to be a sincere aesthetic preference on her part, as detailed earlier at:

For further coverage see:

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1 Response to Don’t punch right, because you might strike a donation scam by accident

  1. Hipster Racist says:

    Yep – I don’t always agree with TANSTAAFL and I’ve trolled him on occasion – but he was always up front about his situation and his explanation seems perfectly reasonable to me. He never thought it mattered, when he realized it did he at first figured, “hey they can’t criticize me my wife is half Jewish!” But then he realized he probably should just say it openly to maintain his credibility.

    You really can’t ask for anyone to do more than that.

    The TRS stuff – along with obvious bullshit like the (((Daily Stormer))) – is something else entirely. “Mike Enoch’s” wife was part of the scam, obviously.

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