All the news items I didn’t have time to summarize (The government knows when John Schindler masturbates) … now with more rock music


I’m not a busy guy, but I am a guy whose limited attention span is overstretched by the effort to keep up with current events.

In this post are a few stories that I had wanted to repost when I first saw them.  I figure that there will be no Trump news for a few hours, so I might as well sneak out an assortment of random distractions before everyone starts talking about Trump.

The only dick they haven’t seen is Edward Snowden’s.

The government knows when John Schindler sends pictures of his penis to potential sex partners.

>Former advisor to France’s finance minister avoids jail despite admitting trying to organise an ‘erotic nudes’ photoshoot with three sisters aged eight to 12
>Ex-French government adviser spared jail for child sex crime
>Southwark Crown Court Hands Out Suspended Jail Sentence to French Businessman Despite Proof of Involvement with Child Porn

Another prophet of disaster, who says the ship is lost…

Death of the petrodollar:

Lots of corruption stories remind me of the Cold War. I never know who is swindling whom… thus the Golden Earring song.

China builds a giant cock with Trump-like characteristics:

General Jeffersonian wackiness:

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