Goldman Sachs pushes Dow over 20,000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen over 2,000 points since the pre-Trump lows and finally smashed its way through 20,000 for the first time after treading water for 28 days. Infrastructure plans and executive orders appear top have scare buyers back into the stock market (even though other Trumpflation indicators remain unimpressed). Of course the big driver was Goldman Sachs, which accounts for over 20% of all the gains by itself…

This does not seem like a good development in the long run.

If the Dow stays up at that level for years on end, that would be positive.

However, if the market crashes, it might be highly undesirable for several countries.

If you’re looking forward to another civil war in the USA, however, you are probably praying for a Dow crash to bring panic and to get people fighting each other.

Recall that the USA has a severe problem with over-generous pensions paid to its cops.

Recall that the USA has a severe overabundance of cops.

Would those cops start a civil war if a crashing stock market ruined their pensions?

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