The druid who wants to destroy the Jews


The investigation by the federal prosecutor against a right-wing extremist network is clearly a self-proclaimed druid. This is known for years in the scene – and is openly calling for the destruction of Jews and Muslims.
By Patrick Gensing,
For years, Burghard B. has not taken a fancy to his mouthful, as far as his fanatical vision is concerned. On his profiles on Facebook as well as he spread open violence calls and annihilating fantasies. “My self-esteem tells me that I have to destroy the Jews and Muslims before they destroy my clan or family,” is the motto of his profile page of the social network
It was only yesterday that he called for violence again: “SHOOT ON COLOGNEAL DAMAGES, THROUGH THE ENTHUSIAST OF YOUR ENEMY.” And further: “Pork heads in every synagogue, mosque, and kebabs. Slaughterhouses can deliver.” It has been the same for many months, and observers are no longer unknown. In August 2015, he sought, for example, “jurists for the People’s Court”.

B. describes himself as a “practicing Celtic Druid”. Nature is his supreme deity. The connection from a pagan-esoteric cult with right-wing extremism is not an isolated case. These overlaps play an important role, especially in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. For example, the Druid B. participated in the protests against the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden together with “Reichsbürgern”. B. also shared content on social networks claiming that Germany was not sovereign, but was occupied – as “Reichsbürger” believe.
The right-wing extremist is well-networked in the scene, at he has more than 1500 friends, his YouTube videos have thousands of releases. At Facebook B. offers his book against the “New World Order” – for 50 euros.

According to SWR information, weapons and sharp ammunition were found in Schwetzingen in Baden-Württemberg, where B. and in Rietz-Neuendorf in Brandenburg. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office investigated the suspected formation of a terrorist organization. Since spring 2016, the group has planned armed attacks on policemen, asylum seekers and Jews. However, the authorities are currently not aware of any concrete stopping plans. The purpose of the raids is to obtain further evidence.
According to the SWR-Info, at least two men were arrested. It is still unclear as to whether or not warrants were applied for. The SWR confirmed against that one of the suspects is around the “Druiden” B. According to the federal prosecutor’s office, about 200 police officers are involved in the operation.
Networking via social media

According to a report by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, six suspects who are linked to one another primarily via social media are suspected of having joined together in a right-wing extremist organization (§ 129a of the Criminal Code).

The purpose of the raids is to obtain further evidence. Therefore, there are currently no findings on concrete stop designs.

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