The authors at “Gnostic Media” argue about MK-ULTRA

The authors at “Gnostic Media” wrote many, many words about MK-ULTRA. I regard their claims as worthy of examination, but I note that many hours would be required to review their claims and to make a meaningful critique.

The following is the conclusion of their essay on the topic:

In the process of studying “counterintelligence” and how it works, we’ve explored two primary myths: One concerns the true origins of the psychedelic movement and counterculture. The other concerns the veracity of each of the main books on MKULTRA and the origins of the counterculture, and the false history that’s been perpetuated by them.

We’ve also seen how counterintelligence and disinformation works against the general population – right here at home in the USA – and anyplace else for that matter. And we’ve exposed at least a dozen primary methods of sophism and spin used, which reveal how the intelligence community (mis)leads the discussion and muddies the waters on important topics, thereby misinforming and controlling the 99%.

The unanimity among the various branches was believed by the outside world to be the result of the influence of a single Truth, while really it was the result of the existence of a single group.[181]
~ Carroll Quigley

And Carroll Quigley’s quote brings us full circle, providing us an understanding of how intelligence cells and “groups” work. We may now understand how books and publications are cross-cited and published with such frauds, and then later perpetuated by those, willful dupes, who’ve bought into their lies – with MKULTRA, and just about any other topic.

And everyone has, at one time or another, been a willful dupe. I know I have. And I’m doubtful that anyone, an agent or not, could possibly know all of the different ways that the people are fooled simultaneously – and by all of the various intelligence agencies and groups – whether it’s the CIA, NSA, MI6, Mossad, the Masons, or the OTO, et al. This fact should give pause to those who knowingly participate in such behavior, because they, too, may be being duped – and are unaware of it. No one likes being fooled by this psychopathic insanity and self-appealing ad vericundiam (authority) fallacy. But if you catch it, laugh it off. Don’t fight it. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

If you deny that you were duped, you’re far more likely to be duped again. You can hate on me for exposing this, or you can take the honest, mature approach, and verify my citations and know the truth for yourself.

And contrary to places like China where people often know they’re censored and told they have to edit a book or publication before they can publish it, here in the United States (the “Land of the Free!”), and in the West in general, government utilizes the “free market of ideas” system to flood the market with so much confusion that, without the proper tools for critical thinking, such as the trivium method, it can be nearly impossible to wade through.

We’ve seen how public and social relations are used to misguide the public’s perception on just about everything they think they know. As Edward Bernays famously wrote in the introductory paragraph to his book Propaganda:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.[182]
~ Edward Bernays

And of course Bernays is using propaganda in the above paragraph to justify this assault on humanity. And, aside from Gordon Wasson and Bernays, we should also consider the likes of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Marshall McLuhan, Walter Bowart, Peggy Hitchcock, Gregory Bateson, John D. Marks, and the many others whom we’ve discussed here and in prior articles. We also shouldn’t forget those yet-to-be revealed. And, unfortunately, in all too many cases, we’ve woken up long after these destroyers of humankind have passed.

In this exposé we’ve seen a glimpse of how intelligence cells work with David Black; and how a “pyramid-of-pyramids” set-up works from Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress –an important concept and can likely be further understood with a study of Buckminster Fuller’s work.
Some of the cells we’ve exposed in this, and in prior articles, include: Prof. Carl A.P. Ruck, R. Gordon Wasson, et al; and Wasson with Charles McLain Andrews and Allan Nevins, et al. We’ve also seen Peter T. Furst, Barbara Myerhoff and Carlos Castaneda – exposed by Prof. Jay Fikes. We saw that it appears that John Marks created his own cell: again with Wasson, Sydney Cohen, Albert Hofmann, James Moore, and Martin Lee, et al. And from there it appears that Marks, Bowart, Lee and Jay Stevens may form yet another cell – each cross-citing and perpetuating the official myths, knowingly or not. And it’s clear that most of them had to be willful participants. I’ll let you decide which ones.

We also saw what appears to be a general rule of about 70% facts and 30% deception, though it’s also clear that some of the authors push their tests of our credulity to the limits, always pushing for a new low.

With John G. Fuller and Andrija Puharich, and again with Walter Bowart, we saw the constant use of media stunts:

After the newspaper and television publicity, I became somewhat of a pseudocelebrity in the town, which was helpful in getting to know the tradesmen, the bartenders, the villagers more quickly.[183]
~ John G. Fuller

We also saw Fuller utilizing UFOs to create media spectacles, and UFOs as a method of creating mass hysteria to control the population:

The Orson Wells “invasion” in the late thirties, a single dramatized radio program resulted in mass hysteria. Would the same thing—or worse—happen if official government sources announced blandly that we definitely had visitors from another planet?[184]
~ John G. Fuller

It is also highly likely that the military has regularly used tactics such as UFOs as a cover for new developments and technology. If you double wrap the lie, it’s even harder to figure out. And no doubt this statement will send the “true believers” in UFOs up in arms. But it’s not a religion (or is it?), so I hope that they at least consider this evidence deeply, along with Fuller’s association to MKULTRA.

Recent history documents the fact that the CIA, as the whipping boy of the cryptocracy, covers up and routinely lies about its activities, heaping one lie on another, in a labyrinth network of falsehood. It stretches credibility to believe, therefore, that the CIA and especially lower-profile members of the cryptocracy have terminated the mind-control research and development that has been going on for thirty years.[185]
~ Walter Bowart

And although Bowart’s above statement is correct, with him, and John Marks, we saw blatant conflicts of interest and a failure to disclose information regarding their backgrounds: Bowart’s marriage to Peggy Hitchcock, and her and Billy Hitchcock’s funding much of the movement and supplying the LSD. And Marks failed to mention that he was the assistant to a director of an intelligence agency.

All they wanted was a hole they could crawl down and sleep for a few weeks. And it was then that Peggy Hitchcock mentioned an estate her twin brothers, Tommy and Billy, owned in Millbrook, New York, a village ninety miles north of New York City.[186]
~ Jay Stevens

However, by cross-citing each of these books, as well as pulling material from outside, including primary sources, we’ve been able to stitch together a far more accurate understanding of MKULTRA and the psychedelic revolution, and, subsequently, how disinformation works in all areas of our lives.

In the work of Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain, and again with Jay Stevens, and David Black, we found what, in my opinion, appear to be intentional omissions, obfuscations and misrepresentations, and even the inclusion and ridicule of important citations.

Furthermore, with Marks we saw the creation of fables and myth making by “the group,” creating numerous myths that have been accepted as fact and repeated for decades, as a blueprint, though hold no bearing in truth whatsoever. These myths include:

1) MKULTRA being mainly about a Manchurian candidate.
2) The origins of the psychedelic revolution being “blow back”.
3) Frank Olson’s murder as suicide.
4) James Moore’s infiltration of Wasson’s group when all were agents.
5) Albert Hofmann’s “discovery” of LSD and the origins of “bicycle day”.
6) Hofmann’s isolation of psilocybin.
7) Tim Leary’s learning of mushrooms from Wasson’s Life article.
8) That Leary went rogue.

Throughout this essay we’ve covered, repeatedly, the evidence which overturns the official claims. And hopefully, if you’ve made it this far, it was worth your while and has greatly expanded your awareness of how the world is really run.

In nearly all of the books we’ve found loaded and misleading language.

In private, though, Tim admitted that his chances of forestalling prohibition were slim.[187]
~ Jay Stevens

We’ve seen the use of Hegelian dialectics and creating media spectacles to achieve the opposite of what the public was told. As I wrote:

It appears from the evidence that Weil’s “exposure” was just an old trick using the Hegelian dialectic: problem, reaction, solution; – or thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis. Without Leary having been fired from Harvard he’d never have been able to create the appearance of the hippie guru he’d later use to promote the psychedelics to the youth for the CIA and Huxley and Osmond. Weil’s so-called “exposure,” and Leary’s subsequent “firing” (along with Dr. Richard Alpert), created the illusion, in my opinion, that Harvard, et al, were trying to suppress Leary’s “spiritual message”. This gave Leary and the CIA the psychological advantage they’d need to use against the public.

We’ve seen the use of ridicule:

[T]hey even claimed that Timothy Leary was a CIA agent who pushed acid on the Movement as part of an imperialist plot.[188]
~ Martin Lee & Bruce Shlain

And hypnosis:

The aim is to get at the words and phrases, heard by the patient at moments of lowered consciousness, and accepted by him as obsessive commands, like post-hypnotic suggestions. The sub-conscious seems to take these verbal commands literally and unreasoningly, without regard to their context. The result can be disastrous, both mentally and physically.
~ Aldous Huxley – 10 December, 1950:

And the employment of misleading questions:

“But in what way could LSD be utilized to manipulate an individual, let alone a subculture or a social movement?”
~ Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain

If they get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.[189]
~ Thomas Pynchon

Not to mention scapegoating, better known as “throwing under the bus,” to cover a larger operation:

A better question, for the present, might be: Who was James Moore, and why had he been so eager to accompany Gordon Wasson into the Mexican outback in the summer of 1956?[190]
~ Jay Stevens

Carlos Castaneda, James Moore, Tim Leary, and Andrija Puharich, were all “thrown under the bus” to mislead researchers and to cover the larger operation – and to help perpetuate the official storyline.

And we’ve also seen the radicalization of the other’s position:

In a sense, Kesey stood in relation to Leary as Leary did to Huxley: each represented a radicalization of the other’s position.[191]
~ Jay Stevens

We’ve seen stalling and personal attacks:

Huxley and MK/ULTRA: a pipe-dream on your part. Wasson was not CIA. I challenge you to document that.[192]
~ Hank Albarelli

And of course we’ve seen intentionally avoiding and ignoring primary citations – throughout.

And so the intelligence community’s mantra is repeated:

The CIA is not an omniscient, monolithic organization, and there’s no hard evidence that it engineered a great LSD conspiracy. (As in most conspiracy theories, such a scenario vastly overestimates the sophistication of the alleged perpetrator.)[193]
~ Martin Lee & Bruce Shlain

Clearly the Agency has violated its charter each and every day since its inception. And as they operate under a cloak of secrecy, they’re not an organization that the public can ever trust. And now it’s clear that the CIA and intelligence community has not only performed this deceptive operation overseas, but right here at home.

The Agency has covered up, for more than four decades now, the true ramifications of Project MKULTRA and the psychedelic revolution and counterculture movements. With this information we can learn to identify cells and counterintelligence disinformation operations and, not only protect ourselves from them, but expose them.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned through all of this research, it’s that the intelligence community hates primary citations. Always check them if you want to know the truth. Trust your five senses. Learn to look things up and go all the way down to the primary citations – and know exactly what someone or something says and in what context. These counterintelligence folks like to avoid primary citations at all costs, preferring to cite only themselves, or to name call. Once you get the ball rolling it becomes easy to spot them, and to find the truth.

Read all of the books, and study them for yourself. Learn to check the citations and fact check what they claim – on any topic. Remove the fallacies and contradictions, not only in the information, but within your own mind, and come to the truth. Truth does exist – and that understanding is what the social relations experts fear most. Otherwise they wouldn’t use so many lies to obfuscate the truth. They work by using fallacies against you, so study logic and memorize the fallacies to protect you and yours.

Once you realize that a contradiction is an error or a lie, your pace will quicken. Furthermore, grasp the concept of “the onus of proof,” and that when someone fails to present evidence of their own claims it’s known as “arguing the arbitrary” –and is dismissed automatically.

One of the most important ways that the intelligence community operates is via occultation and mysticism. And though this idea may upset many, learn that “mysticism is the tool of tyrants”. Nearly all of this MKULTRA business was sold to the public as magic, religion, and spirituality – tools that have been used for social control since, at least, the time of the Mahabharata.

We must stop staring at the shadows on the cave wall, pretending that they’re reality.

And no doubt the cyber terrorism will be ramped up in retribution for publishing this exposé. But without their attacks, we wouldn’t have been able to come this far. So for that, at minimum, I must thank the intelligence community. What will their attacks and spin reveal next? No doubt it will be exciting to find out. But such tactics are just about all they have.

So let them bring on the slander and ad hominem attacks, the straw man arguments and red herrings, and the appeals to ridicule, because that’s how they identify themselves – and it’s a great way to know where to look.

Steven Hager, the former Chief Editor of HighTimes magazine, who launched attacks on me soon after my 2012 article on Gordon Wasson was published, admits:

But that’s the way spooks play their games. If there’s going to be a social movement against whatever you’re doing, it’s best if you secretly create and orchestrate that movement against yourself right away so that it never does any unintended damage to your personal fortunes.[194]
~ Steven Hager

They’re mocking you, and laughing like school girls at your credulity. So let’s strip their academic clothing off, and expose them for what they are. – Now’s the time to mock them.

Somewhere within the United States the technology for the creation of the perfect slave state is being perfected. Whether or not the mind-controlled state becomes a reality depends not so much upon the efforts of the cryptocrats, but upon the free will, determination, and strength of character of the American people. [195]
~ Walter Bowart

It’s ok to get angry. But more importantly, use that anger to act – now. Your freedom is at stake. And your free will, determination, and strength of character, will determine how this battle ends. Do you want to be free, or a slave? Choose.

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