Critic of Zionism extends his criticism to Trump – I think the allegations go a bit too far, but we need to see about Pizzagate and Soros

The following video is annoyingly slow. It takes a long time to get to its point, and it belabors the obvious.

Thus, if you watch two minutes of the video below and consider it to be slow-moving, just turn it off, because its claims can be summarized very briefly.

First, the claim:

TL;DR: The video maker, TruthMediaRevolution, claims that Zionist Jews control everything, and that anyone who has Jews on his team cannot possibly be opposed to Jewish power.

Counterclaim: Jews are not monolithic. Many Jews fight other factions of Jews viciously. To all appearances, Trump likes some Jews (e.g. Jared Kushner) and dislikes other Jews (e.g. George Soros). It appears that Trump honestly believes he can rally some Jews to fight other Jews.

Currently, Trump must consolidate his power. He must be confident that his underlings will obey his orders, so naturally he must start with popular orders.

The real test is pizzagate. If Trump is willing to let the uncorrupted FBI agents investigate pizzagate, then Trump is good enough.

I don’t think Trump can remain neutral. If the FBI tries to investigate pizzagate and Trump stops them, that’s enough for reasonable men to give up hope in Trump.

If the FBI doesn’t want to investigate pizzagate, but Trump succeeds in getting an investigation, that’s enough for reasonable men to say that Trump is good enough to lead America.

The cloak-and-dagger stuff could get murky. It would be unreasonable to press Trump to address pizzagate immediately. How long should reasonable people wait before demanding that he make a public statement?

For the moment, Trump is keeping busy with his executive orders. For the moment, patience is a necessary virtue. After the dust has settled, the entire USA – including Trump – can be pressed to resolve pizzagate.

Relevant side note: George Soros still appears to be very dangerous. Very few organizations dare to oppose him openly. Consider the following very moderate opposition:


A new citizens’ alliance, Stop Operation Soros, was announced in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, on January 17. One its founders, Nikola Srbov, explained its purpose in a press conference.
“The Foundation Open Society, operating under the Soros umbrella, used its funding and personnel to support violent processes in Macedonia,” he said. “It has monopolized the civil society sector, pushing out any organization which disagrees with the Soros ideology.”
Another activist of Stop Operation Soros said that the main goal of the initiative will be the “de-Sorosization” of Macedonia.
What is behind this apparent upsurge of anti-Soros sentiment in Macedonia?
Nikola Gruevski, the head of the Macedonian ruling party (VMRO-DPMNE), also recently called for a “de-Sorosization” of Macedonian civil society. He said that the George Soros-funded Foundation Open Society Institute (FOOM) will not be prevented from operating in Macedonia but warned that he would not allow “foreign interests” to dominate the public sphere.

If Trump’s policies bring down Soros’ criminal gang, reasonable men might note those events as weighing in Trump’s favor.

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