Unverified story of Serbian life during wartime (in the context of middle-class immiseration, and with a postscript on vidrebel)

The following story of life during civil war was offered by an unverified source on the Internet. There is no proof that it is true.  Unfortunately it does NOT indicate that civil war is equally unpleasant for everyone, and thus ought to be avoided by all rational actors. It suggests that a few people will find civil war extremely pleasant, and thus, unfortunately, it implicitly encourages some rational actors to regard civil war as a favorable strategy.

This bothers me because I suspect that I would fare badly in most civil wars and thus I have little desire to take my chances with any civil war.

Note that the expression “innawoods” means “in the woods,” i.e. far from the conveniences of cities and suburbs.

Serb here so if you anons go full civil war guess I’ll just type stuff I learned from it since I am bored and its 5 am and I have nothing better to do:

Violence is the true gold standard, not jewelry or currency or even gold, when army and police gets sent away whoever has the most violence gets to eat food
Army officers are the new nobility, once the democratic/normal order goes to shit, men with access to army armories and basic military training get to write all the law.

Go innawoods because there’s no aerial shelling innawoods, even hospitals and kindergardens tend to explode in air sieges.

If army officers are what nobility was in feudalism, well medical doctors and engineers/technical backgrounds are the clergy, they also get to eat food while the peasants starve.

For real, if you aren’t army officer or doctor/engineer, you are a peasants, and peasants starve in sieges because they have no power, they are weakest and least useful, and the new barons and dukes and warlords that are going to take over cities are not going to give a shit about your human rights and civil liberties
Human rights and civil liberties are quite literally “social constructs”, meaning that shit doesn’t exist, you having human rights stops zero bullets or shells or penises that will go into you when civil/police order fails.

If you are an ugly female or physically unfit male might as well off yourself because nobody will give a shit about you, sorry lol.
If you are old that sucks too.
People will kill people for shoes or food if you are stuck in the besieged city.
When SHTF here, I was just a kid but family was nobility class, meaning army officers, we lived like kings innawoods, we had cigars and smokes, whiskey, booze, food, security, shelters, doctors, cars, warmth…. basically we lived very good, some men in dad’s group said they lived better with him innawoods than they did in civilian life.
Group that was under my dad looted armory once order in the military went to shit, they had enough guns to take whatever they wanted from the cities and they could also produce most of the stuff they needed, they built an improvised armored vehicle and just rammed it into stores and other groups when they needed things and no one could do anything about it.

This is a shocking thing to imagine. It would be even more shocking to see a documentary, but for obvious reasons of safety, most documentary makers don’t film in war zones.

So why on earth do people keep their ears open and their eyes peeled for such stories? Why do people buy fiction such as the Mad Max series, which depicts a similar breakdown in civilization?

Civilization used to have a viable middle class. The middle class has been dying slowly and painfully since 1970 at least, and instinctively, middle class people are blaming civilization, not themselves. That is why Western propaganda loves to push the myth of personal responsibility. Capitalism is a tough fair game, people who are rich have as much money as they have worked to produce. Therefore if you are poor, it’s your own fault for not working harder. But you should always have hope! If you could just work harder, you would be saved by the grace of the work ethic and the pressures of the marketplace!

The middle class is so miserable with its failure to achieve prosperity that middle-class people (who are the precariat, and who are rapidly descending into poverty) want to see their civilization suffer as their hopes have suffered.

Middle class people may be weak and unskilled and inexperienced at combat. But they have been repeatedly humiliated and demeaned by decadent degenerates who are physically weaker. In a social collapse, those decadent degenerates – lawyers, bureaucrats, etc. – would be the first to perish. The overweight middle-class worker can be endlessly terrorized by an obese, unfit bureaucrat, so long as civilization reigns and the security cameras have electricity and the cops are never more than a phone call away.

The middle class loves to dream of revenge, and the only realistic revenge they can imagine is a Mad Max scenario, where the security cameras are out of service and the cops wouldn’t answer the phones – even if the phones were working. In such a scenario, the middle-class worker would be able to choke the obese bureaucrat to death and enjoy five or ten minutes of “freedom” before getting maimed, raped, or tortured.

I generally disagree with “vidrebel,” but one of his posts typifies this middle-class fascination with civil war:

Others have never thought about what will happen to their city the day after the Nationwide Food Riots begin. WalMart has had riots in localities where the Electronic Transfer Benefit cards for Food Stamps failed to work. Imagine what happens when 120 million Americans cannot afford to buy food because their wages and pensions were cut 50%.

This income reduction will work out in different ways for people around the world. Some nations will be far in worse conditions than others. Both America and Great Britain will have hard times.

Americans do have 350 million guns but millions of people might use them against their fellow citizens to steal what little they have. That is what the Uber Rich want to happen.

It was interesting to note that Donald Trump has 3 generals in his inner circle. To me that signifies that he is prepared for a Civil War….

Stanley Fischer was lauded by other Central Bankers for his skills. This is not good news for you. He favors using your deposit money to pay for any losses the Banks incur. That means your savings and pension will be cut more than 60%. I read in Zero Hedge that 27 million employed adults who work as many hours as they can get have to skip meals to get through the week. Cutting their wages will be hazardous to the health of anyone who works for the government and especially for those in law enforcement or the military after martial law is decreed.

I must repeat my previous plea: Only Debt Cancellation will end this Depression painlessly without violence. After the Nationwide Food Riots begin, martial law will be declared. The only sensible solution would be for junior military officers to seize control and arrest the Bankers seizing their assets to fund Debt Cancellation.

I will conclude with something have not said for awhile.

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?


Generally, people with emotionally negative attitudes are unrealistic. They underestimate their power to mend their lives and to heal their suffering. They catastrophize. They get emotionally excited over unrealistic scenarios and plans.

Note that even if vidrebel seems to have a negative attitude, that does not prove that he is wrong or even unrealistic.

Unfortunately, vidrebel might be right, the USA might be on the cusp of civil war.

Later posts on this blog may examine the arguments for and against vidrebel’s opinions.

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