Carlton Meyer dominates the redpills [Pak Chooie UNZ]

Carlton Meyer is one of those Marines that prevents me from hating the USMC.

I don’t like war. I don’t like authority. Thus the USMC – an authoritarian war-machine – seems like a bad idea to me.

But every now and again, a few Marines are so outstanding that I have to bite my tongue and refrain from saying nasty things about the USMC as a whole.

Carlton Meyer is one such Marine.

Note the way in which he dispenses redpills in the following discussion from UNZ, the website that always reminds me of “Pak-Chooie-UNF.”

Polls typically show that two of the most distrusted categories of people are politicians and lawyers. Judges are a combination of both…. Throw in a culture of impunity and mutual backscratching along with a ¡¥no snitching“ policy and this is what you get.

Eugene “Bull“ Connor was right.

I just finished “Three Felonies a Day“, a good book about our corrupt legal system. It details several recent court cases in our oppressive “justice“ system, which this respected criminal defense lawyer, Harvey Silverglate, compares to that of the Soviet Union. The title reflects his observation that federal interpretations of criminal law have become so broad that the average professional (doctor, lawyer, administrator, officer, congressmen) commits three felonies a day.

If federal authorities want to dispose of someone, they investigate their recent activities and concoct vague charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, false statements, racketeering, mail fraud, or wire fraud. The target is indicted, demeaned by the cooperative corporate press, forced to resign, and usually imprisoned for years after a lengthy kangaroo court. Prosecutors routinely bribe witness through extortion or threats of imprisonment, while the judge pretends all is proper. [continued]
A recent example is that of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. I“m not sure why he was targeted for removal, but on December 8, 2008 he threatened to stop the state“s dealings with Bank of America after it suddenly ended its line-of-credit to a local business, which was forced to shutdown its factory in Chicago and layoff hundreds of workers. He directed all state agencies to stop conducting business with Bank of America to pressure the company to make the loans. John Douglas, a former general counsel for the FDIC and attorney for Bank of America, publicly called Blagojevich “dangerous.“
The very next day, Governor Blagojevich was arrested at his home by federal agents and charged with corruption. The Justice Department“s 20-count felony complaint alleged that the Governor conspired to “to obtain personal gain ¡K through the corrupt use“ of his authority to fill Obama“s vacated Senate seat, claiming that in wiretapped recordings Blagojevich discussed his desire to get something in exchange for an appointment to the seat. The Feds had wiretapped him for months, and all they learned is that he had a foul mouth. Perhaps the “powers that be“ directed Blagojevich to appoint someone, and he refused. Then he threatened profits of Bank of America, which like most large American banks is quasi-criminal organization.

Blogjevich was charged with trying to trade political favors, something all American politicians do on a daily basis. One can review President Obama“s foreign ambassador appointments to learn that most were major donors to his political campaign, yet that is not considered criminal. Congressmen push through “earmarks“ to reward specific political backers with federal contracts, but that is not considered corrupt.

Blagojevich was never charged with taking a bribe, like suitcase of cash. The criminality of the charges were so vague that his first trial resulted in a hung jury, so he was put through the ringer for a second year and finally convicted. The prosecutor“s key witness was his former chief-of-staff who was arrested and threatened with five years in prison for “conspiracy.“ He agreed to plead guilty and testify against Blagojevich in return for just a 10-day jail sentence. As in all cases, his plea agreement was contingent on satisfactory testimony that resulted in a conviction of his former boss, an open form of extortion that the judge endorsed.

Blagojevich is now in federal prison for 14 years, as a non-violent, first-time offender ¡X for what? Trading political favors, something everyone in Congress and the White House does every day? He never even received a favor for filling the senate seat; he was convicted of conspiring to get something in return, which was never specified. One thing is certain, no one in power has threatened a major U.S. bank since Blagojevich was crucified. And who ended up in that Senate seat? CIA agent Mark Kirk.
Here is another post from my blog (which has links to stories) about rich white guys abused by our kangaroo courts, which should make those concerned about racism feel better. I know it“s long, but very relevant to this important topic since most Americans are unaware of these things due to “fake news“ in the USA.

Jan 8, 2012 ¡V America“s Kangaroo Courts

Few Americans know that one in five American adults has a criminal record. One in eight American adult males has a felony conviction; it“s one in three for blacks. Think about that the next time you walk through a crowd of people. Anyone with experience in America“s criminal court system knows it“s a sad joke. Anyone who objects is labeled a bleeding heart liberal, who is soft on crime. The only Presidential candidate to object is Ron Paul, which is why our corporate media tells us Paul is crazy. The public gets hints when a friend or family member is arrested, or when a famous American does time for “crime.“

Actor Wesley Snipes is doing three years in the joint for a misdemeanor conviction of filing false tax returns, prepared by his state certified tax adviser. Barry Bonds“ eight-year multi-million dollar legal battle just ended with a conviction for lying to a grand jury about steroid use. He was lucky to get two years probation after prosecutors demanded 15 months in prison for committing that felony. Two reporters who refused to testify before the grand jury were thrown in jail for a year, as was Bonds“ personal trainer. Few Americans understand that a judge can immediately toss them in jail indefinitely without a trial for “contempt“, even when its a petty case about someone taking a performance enhancing drug to hit a ball better.
Billionaire Conrad Black did time for fraud where he heard many stories of judicial outrage. He has the connections to speak out, and received a little attention with articles such as this: Prosecutors Gone Wild. Here is part:
“The legal profession in the United States is a professional cartel where legislating lawyers and regulators produce thousands of new enforceable laws and regulations every year; judges, prosecutors, and private sector counsel lock arms to ensure that legal invoices, (which total almost 10 per cent of GDP ¡X almost $1.4 trillion annually), are paid as a priority surpassed only by the claims of government.

Unlimited incidences of what other legally serious countries would consider frivolous or vexatious litigation clog the civil courts, and prosecutors enjoy a stacked evidentiary and procedural deck which gives them a success rate in prosecutions of over 90 per cent. (The corresponding figure in Canada is about 65 per cent, and only about 40 per cent of those receive custodial sentences.)

The United States has just five per cent of the world“s population, 25 per cent of its incarcerated people, and 50 per cent of its lawyers.“

The USA has more people in prison than any other nation on Earth, in total and per capita. This means we have a larger percentage of our population behind bars than all those evil dictatorships around the world. Other modern nations imprison one-tenth of what the USA locks up. I was recently impressed to see footage of a British policeman executing an arrest warrant. He politely knocked on the door, informed the man of fraud charges, and escorted him to his car. No SWAT team and no handcuffs! Our police are rated on the most arrests resulting in convictions, and often bring the press along to publicly humiliate the “suspect.“ Prosecutors compete for the most convictions with the longest sentences. Judges are political appointees seeking a reputation as tough on crime.

The basic prosecutor strategy is to demand a person plead guilty, or face further charges like “obstruction of justice“ or “lying to a federal agent.“ If that doesn“t work, they threaten to arrest wives or friends under vague “conspiracy“ laws, which require citizens to report crimes, lest they be considered part of the conspiracy. They are allowed to bribe witnesses with rewards for testimony, or reduced charges for crimes they have committed. If a troublesome citizen demands a trial, they drag out court proceedings for years until the person is broke and pleads guilty. If he still proclaims innocence, the legal cartel is upset that they must prove guilt, and seek the maximum punishment for every “crime“ they can dream up.

The trial judges are usually tough on crime political hacks, so once a person is arrested he is considered a lying criminal. The judge decides what evidence the defense can present and which witnesses he will allow. Defense lawyers must play along, or the judge will revoke their privilege to represent clients in “his“ court system. The defendant is told not take the stand in his own defense because he may later be charged with perjury. The judge instructs the naive jurors what to consider, after having screened out knowledgeable citizens during the jury selection process. If a juror or two refuse to convict, they are often dismissed by the judge and replaced by alternates. Entrapment is no longer a defense. Most FBI terrorism convictions occur when the FBI uses undercover people to convince someone to agree to plan a terror act.

If the jury fails to convict resulting in a hung jury, the prosecutor starts the whole process over. Some defendants go through several trials before they are convicted. And if found innocent, the prosecutors may bring other charges. Notice that when a “terrorist“ is charged with an attack that kills 20 people, he just just charged with killing a few, so that if found innocent, he can be charged again with killing a few more. A common tactic for less serious crimes is to deny bail and keep the defendant in jail for years, until he pleads guilty in exchange for release for timed served.

Here is a typical case of a citizen with no criminal record accused of a minor non-violent crime, denied bail and kept locked up for 17 months until he pled guilty. Everyone knows he“s guilty because he admitted it, but no one questions why he was not allowed bail or why he wasn“t brought to trial within 90 days. The obvious answer is that prosecutors lacked proof of guilt. The “time served“ plea deal is often used when it becomes apparent that someone was wrongly convicted of a serious crime, like the West Memphis Three. Prosecutors and their judge dodge blame for injustice by offering to release the innocent person immediately if they agree to plead guilty to new bogus charges in exchange for time served.

Recall the highly publicized Florida trial of Casey Anthony last year. She fought to remain free on bail as prosecutors added other petty charges like using a friend“s check to pay for something and lying to a policemen. Her trial was delayed for three years, and when she was found innocent, our television corporate media commentators were outraged, and convinced many Americans that trial by jury was an outdated practice. (Every criminal defense lawyer will tell that you might as well plead guilty than ask for a trial by judge.) The judge sentenced her to three years in prison for lying to a policemen to justify her prior imprisonment, which delayed her release for several more weeks.

A more interesting court story last year received almost no corporate media attention. Federal judge Jack Kemp was caught in a drug sting buying cocaine for himself and his stripper girlfriend. He admitted having done so several times, and giving his prosty a government issued laptop. Camp and other federal judges usually sentence citizens to at least five years in prison for such behavior, plus several years more if they carried a firearm during their drug deals. Camp was arrested with two loaded handguns. Camp admitted that he frequently snorted cocaine, smoked marijuana, and shot up heroin during his previous four months while presiding over court cases, all of which must be retried, costing the government millions of dollars. There is normally extra prison time added to the sentence of public officials for betraying the public trust.

How many decades will Judge Camp serve? After expressing disgust with Camp“s crimes, the prosecutor asked for 15 days. The presiding judge doubled that, and sentenced Camp to 30 days in jail. These are same people who routinely sentence young unemployed citizens to years in prison for their first drug offense. And since the presiding judge decided that none of his crimes were felonies, Judge Camp now enjoys a comfortable federal retirement pension, after being protected by what Conrad Black calls the “legal cartel.“ There was no public outrage because those in charge of our corporate media chose to ignore this case.

Our “competitive“ corporate media also decided to ignore the case of Las Vegas District Attorney David Schubert, who became famous prosecuting Paris Hilton for cocaine possession. He was arrested last year buying cocaine from a street corner drug dealer while armed with a 9mm pistol, an offense he routinely prosecuted and sent citizens to prison for years. The legal cartel chose to ignore that he admitted doing so for several months, that he was high while at work prosecuting drug users, was armed, and that he bought the drugs. Schubert got just three years probation for possession, and his record will be expunged if he stays out trouble. I“m not bothered by these sentences, but by the hypocrisy of these people who send hundreds of thousands of citizens to years in prison each year for similar “crimes“ while our corporate media censors the truth.

Our corporate media also failed to report that regular citizens no longer have any constructional rights. If the IRS suspects you may have cash stashed overseas, it can now issue a grand jury summons ordering you to turn over all your foreign bank statements. If you refuse, citing a 5th amendment right against self-incrimination, or simply claiming that you have none, a judge can find you in contempt and order you jailed, indefinitely, without trial. And don“t be surprised to encounter federal TSA agents conducting random highway checkpoints with warrantless searches of your car, bags, or groins. As a senior TSA official recently announced: “People generally associate the TSA with airport security¡Kbut now we have moved on to other forms of transportation, such as highways, buses and railways.“

As a final blow, President Obama signed a law on Dec. 31st allowing our military to arrest U.S. citizens on U.S. soil and hold them without trial indefinitely. Comedian Stephen Colbert explained that is not true, because you will be released once you“ve died. The good news is that we no longer have to worry about losing our freedoms, because we have none left. And we don“t have to worry about trial costs or defense strategy. If charged with a crime, just plead guilty and do your time. I rarely address these issues, lest I be labeled as an anti-government “person of interest“ subject to investigation.

See also:

PCR, thanks. How can one tell one“s living in, say, Nazi Germany, Stalin“s USSR, or Mao“s China? I mean by that the states and governments that historians and legal scholars will in the future excoriate for their patent misdeeds and rottenness. Are there signposts warning: “Hey, Horst, here“s where the Jews get it in the kisser“, or “Ivan, this is where Comrade Stalin takes care of those uppity shopkeepers“?

Do you fight, flee, collaborate, or surrender? Surely every rotten law and policy put up by the Nazis, the Bolsheviks, and our governing elites here in the United States has a smiley-face sticker on it, a mess of arguments and propaganda and justifications that make dissent for ordinary Joes who sense something deeply wrong nearly impossible.
I stood in front of a judge time after time, all for one case. Not one time was I given an opportunity to state my case. The entire time was spent attempting to fight against the ridiculous plea “bargain“ that Roberts talks about, designed to imprison me for SOMETHING. The judge threatened me with 36 years in prison. The prosecutor demanded at least one year. On my final appearance, the prosecutor stated his case against me. The judge looked at him and said, “I don“t believe you. The documentation that I have in front of me says that isn“t true.“ The prosecutor was just making sh!t up and the judge had proof. If that was you or me lying like that, we“d be in jail for perjury. Instead, the prosecutor gets a paycheck and moves on to his next case to lie about.

I received no prison time and it cost me much of my life savings just to keep my freedom. And it pisses me off to no end to see people saying things like, “The justice system may be far from ideal . . .“, no matter what inane nonsense they follow it with.

it has long been the court“s stance that, essentially, the American people are responsible for taking case of their own personal safety.

Re: article title; “The Justice System is Criminal.“

Agreed¡K “A fish rots from the head.“

1.) Invalid criminal investigation of JFK, RFK, MLK, and the crew of USS Liberty murders.

2.) Invalid criminal investigation into the shooting down of TWA Flight 800.

3.) Criminal investigation into the criminal 9-11 attacks and the US/Zionist rogue state“s
starting their War of Terror including the Camp X-ray imprisonment of the dead
mastermind, K.S.M.

When a government evolves into a composite unconvicted felon, it“s natural for each citizen to become (at minimum) a suspected felon.

When a president pardon felons like Jason Pollard & Marc Rich and continues to imprison ones like Leonard Peltier, prisoners “on-the-inside“ become wary of life “on-the-outside“ and contemplate why the former criminals don“t have to wear ankle bracelets.

Hell-on-Earth is when international high level criminals have the best of everything and could unaccountably screw any nation.

“A fish rots from the head,“ and only the little ones go inside a Corporate fisherman“s metal 5-gallon pail and get fried.

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  1. Night Wind says:

    Blagojevich was an opponent of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s war in Kosovo when he served as Congressman. His indictment was ‘payback’ once Clinton was in power again under Obama.


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