Everybody in public claims to be loyal to various dreams

There are some people who don’t make many claims about loyalty, but demonstrate a concerted effort of willpower toward a consistent ideal.

For example, the blogger at illegalnewsblog recently published this image (and many others) –


at the link:


That blog seems to indicate loyalty to investigating the truth. (Don’t take my word for it, of course – be skeptical and examine the blog to formulate your own opinion!)

A bunch of USA warfighters seem to be loyal to their notions of honor:







Furthermore, I think Farage is loyal to his idea of Little England:


And some rambling intellectuals are “loyal” to their own personal intellectual habits above all else:

Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump

On a scary note, some Drug Warriors are loyal to never-ending Drug War, regardless of how many of their own countrymen they kill:


But most people who make loud noises about loyalty to various dreams leave considerably less evidence of actions in pursuit of those dreams. Some examples follow.

You may be blissfully aware of “coding horror,” but it’s a very successful site, run by a very successful elitist. That guy is morally indignant that Trump might disrupt his comfortable existence, and claims to be loyal to lofty ideals.

In my 14 years of blogging, I’ve never written a political blog post. I haven’t needed to.
Until now.
It is quite clear something has become deeply unglued in the state of American politics.
The nuclear doomsday clock was just moved as close to midnight as it has been in 64 years.
America was downgraded from a Democracy to a Flawed Democracy.

A little over a week into the new presidency, it is quite clear that Trump meant every word of what he said. He will build a US-Mexico wall. And he signed an executive order that literally, not figuratively, banned Muslims from entering the US — even if they held valid green hards.
As I said, I vote on policies, and as an American, I reject these two policies.

I truly believe we are at an unprecedented time in American history, in uncharted territory. I have benefited from democracy passively, without trying at all, for 46 years. I now understand that the next four years is perhaps the most important time to be an activist in the United States since the civil rights movement. I am ready to do the work.


Now, the guy who wrote that has a sky-high IQ. Therefore, he is smart enough to know that Obama drafted the temporary visa ban, and that it applies to country of origin, not to religion. So he is either one of these guys with a high IQ that is canceled out by lack of common sense, or else he is cloaking his self-interest by pretending to believe the lamestream media. I don’t think he lacks common sense.

In other words, it looks like the formerly comfortable elitist is very uncomfortable that he might lose his cushy seat on the gravy train, and he is going into politics to cloak his class interests in a smokescreen of propaganda.

Lots of people are loyal to lots of dreams. For example:

The DEA is loyal to milking its cash cows:


Brexiteers are loyal to the Brexit dream:


Doomsayers are loyal to their previous prophecies


Pro-whites are loyal to their dreams of a surviving white gene pool:


Paleo-populists are loyal to their dreams:

So What’s Your Plan Then Mr. Non-Interventionist Smarty Pants?

And Vidrebel alleges that the 30 families are loyal to their conspiracy:


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