Yeah, Anonymous may have been entirely taken over by USA federal agents, but if they produce results like this, few will criticize


A large anonymous darkweb host was hacked. Although the host claimed to have a zero tolerance policy toward abuse images, Anonymous claims that about 50% of the hosted material was child abuse images.

Anonymous initially offered to sell the data for a very small sum, then decided to dump it for free. The fact that the initial request for money was very small strikes some critics as suspicious. They believe that hardcore Anonymous hackers would have either dumped the whole mess for free immediately, or else would have held out for lots of money.


The speculation – completely unproven – is that these Anonymous agents were actually law enforcement officers operating without authorization. The reasoning is that 4chan is a federal honeypot with the USA’s federal law enforcers pulling the strings and calling the shots, and Anonymous is linked to 4chan, therefore Feds would find it easy to pretend to be amateur anarchist hackers.

The screencap above may have come from USA agents cloaking their actions with the positive public relations of Anonymous.

Then again, maybe Anonymous seriously cares about this and does it without backing from the USA.

Very few people would criticize law enforcement officers for going rogue in this case. I wonder what the EFF would say if they were to discover that this was in fact an unauthorized use of government force rather than an illegal use of anarchist force?


If you can tolerate it, there are numerous records of email conversations about buying and selling human beings as sex slaves.

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