France, China, and wild bongo drums

wild bongoes

France’s far-right leader and presidential contender Marine Le Pen said on Thursday that dual citizenship with non-European countries under her proposed immigration program would be banned and that French Jews with Israeli citizenship would be forced to renounce it.

let’s take a look at each outlet’s traffic by country for the NYT, which shows significant increases in visitors from China, jumping from 5.1% to 49.2% of all site traffic in two months:
What’s most interesting is that The NY Times has been completely blocked in China since 2012, and just last month Apple was ordered to pull two NYT apps from the App store despite users being unable to view content since the original 2012 ban. Per the NY Times:

“When the Chinese government began blocking the Times websites in 2012, it also prevented users with Times apps from downloading new content.”
People seeking to bypass internet filters have traditionally used VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) which tunnel through China’s highly restrictive firewall, however China has been cracking down on VPN use for several years.

Antisemitic legends:

Sony and the USA:

Even more wild bongoes:

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