The Rise Of Anti-Whiteness

The Rise Of Anti-Whiteness


In his renowned dialogue, Sophist, Plato refers to a common trend in which philosophers intentionally distort the truth so that it appears accurate unless viewed from the proper angle. To make his point, Plato gives the example of the Greek statuary, which was crafted larger on the top than on the bottom so that observers on the ground would see it correctly. Of course, if the observers could view it in scale, they would realize that it was distorted.

Leftists are promoting a similar kind of trend today. Leftists have even begun to claim that reality is subjective, going so far as to label species, gender and biologically masculine/feminine qualities as social constructs. Unfortunately for these delusional escapists, reality is not subjective. No matter what you believe, the mere fact that you believe it does not make it true. On the contrary, the lens through which you are viewing the world is malformed. And if you ever decide that you want the ability to view the authentic truth, you will need to change your lens. The world is never going to collectively accept an alternate reality to accommodate your fantasies. This will lead to chaos. In a way, it already has.

One such chaotic example is the ever-increasing racist rhetoric being directed at White people. Such slogans as “All White People Are Racist”, “The White Man is a Devil” and “No Whites Allowed” have gone mainstream and are circulating the physical/digital networks of western society. With the rise of the criminal ideology, Black Lives Matter, White people as a whole are now being viewed through a malformed lens.

A couple of examples of the mounting anti-White rhetoric are of a White teacher who works for Norm North High School in Oklahoma, being allowed to teach his students that to be White is to be racist. Another example is of a Black English teacher who was suspended from Duncanville High School in Texas for posting a tweet ridden with profanities and racist slurs about the police shooting of Black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson—telling her White critics to kill themselves. Another example is of a Canadian judge ruling that a person yelling “I hate White people” and punching a White person wasn’t racially motivated so it wasn’t a crime. Another example is the University of Wisconsin-Madison refusing to denounce the fact that one of its students is selling hoodies bearing the phrase “All White People Are Racist” in capital letters. For a final example, see this particularly disturbing video exposing the violent rhetoric of Black Lives Matter, which you really should take the time to watch.

Many Leftists claim that it is impossible for a Black person to be racist against a White person because “reverse racism” isn’t real. In a way, these Leftists are correct because there’s no such thing as “reverse racism”. It just called racism. No matter your ethnicity, if you intentionally choose to racially discriminate against another ethnicity, or even against your own, you are a racist.

Many Leftists insist that White people need to sit down, shut up and embrace the role of apologists. These Leftists want nothing more than to see White people collapse at their feet and roil in a bout of guilt for the transgressions of their White ancestors. But the fantasy doesn’t end there. These Leftists also wish to see White people pledge to do all in their power to atone for the transgressions of their White ancestors. A few examples in which White people can atone are expressing shame over their whiteness, silencing themselves and silencing other White people who dare challenge the narrative.

Firstly, if races were truly required to atone for the transgressions of their ancestors, that would make ALL races eligible for atonement. If White people living now are required to atone for their ancestors enslaving Black people, then shouldn’t North Africans living now also be required to atone for their ancestors enslaving one million White people during the Barbary slave trade? Think about it.

Secondly, it’s a grave injustice to assert that a person should have to take responsibility for another person’s wrongdoings. Unless a person is directly/indirectly culpable for a crime, they should not be asked to shoulder the blame. That said, I find it particularly interesting how many such commands regarding taking responsibility originate from the very same people who find it perfectly reasonable to cast off responsibility for a pregnancy and who believe that murdering an innocent child is a suitable alternative.

Many Leftists like to label White people who oppose their narrative as “White Supremacists.” But why? Why is taking pride in one’s own skin color or heritage so controversial? Or is it only controversial when a White person does it? No Leftist would dare to shame a Black person for taking pride in their skin color or heritage. And that’s exactly how it should be. America as a whole should be encouraging cultural and nationalist pride, not trying to stomp it out.

In case the Leftists who advocate for White guilt culture weren’t already aware, it’s important that you realize your plan is no longer working. Of course, your plan did work for a while, when you tossed about insults such as “White supremacist, racist, bigot, sexist, misogynist.” Unfortunately for you, the vast majority of those who oppose your narrative no longer respond to insults. Words that aren’t rooted in reality or fact mean nothing.

For those who argue that Black people are being killed every day, I agree with you. Black people are being killed every day and it’s a terrible tragedy. But it’s important to note that this is largely due to Black-on-Black crime, which resulted in the deaths of 6,000 Blacks in 2015 alone. What’s more, 28% of Black babies have been aborted while Black people make up just 13% of the population. It has been estimated that since 1973 Black women have had approximately 16 million abortions.

As for Black people being killed by law enforcement officials, you would be right again when you say that black people are disproportionately likely to die at the hands of police. But why is this? Is it just because our law enforcement as a whole is racist? No, it’s because Black people are disproportionately likely to be involved in violent crime in the United States, thus putting themselves in the line of fire. Black people commit nearly half of all murders in this country, which is incredible when you once again take into consideration that Black people only make up 13% of the population.

Yes, Black people in America are suffering. Yes, Black people in America deserve reparations. But Black people cannot demand reparations at the expense of those who are innocent to the cause of their misfortune. Reparations are not in any way owed to Black people by the average White person. Reparations are owed to Black people by the government for implementing the welfare system, for legalizing abortion, for destroying the nuclear family, for providing a crappy educational system and for shipping the majority of American jobs offshore.

We all need to be aware of what is truly at play in our country. We all need to be aware who our real enemy is: not each other, but the establishment. The establishment has been planting and fostering disparaging narratives for the sole purpose of turning Americans against one another. The establishment’s goal is to destabilize our country, to cripple our reliability upon one another so that we come to rely upon the establishment itself. And so far, their divide and conquer strategy has been succeeding. The establishment has already succeeded in dividing men and women through Feminism, Blacks and Whites through Black Lives Matter, and liberals and conservatives through the deceitful narrative they’ve spun around the presidential election. For those buying into it, you are being manipulated. You are being distracted. You are being made to believe that racism is flourishing unhindered in our country, when, if you truly examine the statistics, you will find you’re your anger is built upon a false claim. As far as the establishment is concerned, you are nothing more than a Useful Idiot. And in knowing that you are a Useful Idiot, the establishment will use you shamelessly. But the moment that you’ve fulfilled your purpose, the moment that the establishment has squeezed all the benefit from you that they can, they’ll discard you.

We all need to stand together. No matter our color, race or gender, we all need to rise up as one. If we cannot do that, if we choose to continue downward on this destructive path of regression, we will eventually get the country that we deserve—a country without harmony, a country without unity, and worst of all, a country without freedom.

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One Response to The Rise Of Anti-Whiteness

  1. James says:

    “Reparations are not in any way owed to Black people by the average White person. Reparations are owed to Black people by the government for implementing the welfare system, for legalizing abortion, for destroying the nuclear family, for providing a crappy educational system and for shipping the majority of American jobs offshore”.

    Reparations are not owed by the average White person and yet reparations are owed by the government. Apparently, the person that wrote this article is unaware that the average White person is the one that pays the taxes by which the government will pay these reparations. I have a better idea: Let’s give blacks 12-13% of the land of the United States and then let them segregate from Whites so they can be free of the “White debill”. You mean these complaining parasites wouldn’t want to this? Gee, I wonder why?


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