Flynn’s ouster seems to have triggered Clinton’s comment on pizzagate

There is a guy called Flynn who was on the Trump team and the Democrats claimed he was taking money from Russia.

Some people say the White House threw Flynn under the bus:

Mainstream stories:

Now, somebody who loves the Clintons decided to gloat:

The “COMET” in connection with “pizza” refers to the pizzagate scandal.

The gloater appeared to be saying that the people who run Comet Pizza didn’t like Flynn.

And then Hillary apparently did something that appears to have been very stupid and self-destructive.

Hillary retweeted the gloating tweet and commented on it.


The anti-Clinton crowd is analyzing this act as a tactical error on Hillary’s part.

Possibly she thinks that her comment makes her look unconnected because she refuses to recognize pizzagate.

Possibly she was pressed for comment and she felt that remaining silent would look more suspicious than saying something vague.

Interestingly, it seems that some of false flags intended to discredit investigators have already unravelled:


One of the Flynns had tweeted, back in 2016:

Mac Slavo commented:

This is significant because Michael Flynn was the only one Trump’s appointees to publicly discuss or share information about the so-called “Pizzagate” scandal that alleged connections between John Podesta and other Clintonites, a place called Comet Ping Pong and alleged child trafficking and/or pedophile activities.

By hinting that there are “real consequences of fake news,” Hillary pretty much admitted that her team have still been seeking revenge against enemies perceived and real after her electoral defeat in November. Clearly, Hillary, Reines and however many other surrogates from her campaign are not willing to let it go.

Both Michael Flynn Sr. and his son, Michael G. Flynn discussed rumors and accusations surrounding the Clinton camp – whether or not these claims have a solid basis is a separate matter.

And, in possibly unrelated news, a guy called “Sandusky” – who is well-connected to the power elite – just got charged.

One of Jerry Sandusky’s sons was charged Monday with sex crimes involving two girls, more than five years after the former Penn State assistant coach was himself first arrested on child molestation charges.

Jeffrey S. Sandusky, 41, was charged by state police and arraigned by a district judge in Bellefonte on 14 counts. He was jailed on $200,000 bail.

Sandusky was a stalwart supporter of his father and accompanied his mother, Dottie, to many of his court proceedings. On Monday, Dottie accompanied Jeffrey Sandusky to his.

Jerry Sandusky’s son arrested on child sex charges

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