Allegedly JSOC fights terrorists, allegedly CIA trains terrorists

The following is a giant copypasta about JSOC and their ways.

I didn’t write it, some  anonymous person wrote it.

I’ll take up my old mantle and lay down some info about the Joint Special Operations Command and their relationship with the CIA. I’ll also relate this information to how Trump may choose to use the military and JSOC specifically, and why the CIA would like to stop that from happening.
So to give you the basics JSOC was created after Operation Eagle Claw failed spectacularly in 1979. It was a failure because the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine pilots/Special Forces did not work well together, had differing standards of readiness and in general had a lower expectation of skill and inter-agency cooperative ability. (Errors in piloting and organization resulted in many destroyed planes, deaths, and the failure of the mission) Out of the ashes of this mission JSOC was formed so that an umbrella organization could be centrally directed for Counter-Terrorism missions, especially in cases where multiple branches of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc) would need to work together effectively with an established chain of command.
The main “big name” units in JSOC are Delta Force (SFOD-D), SEAL Team Six, the 160th Airborne, The Ranger Recon Company and Grey Fox/Team Orange Signals and SIGINT Collection Unit. There are also Air Force Combat Aircraft Controllers. (Air Force Special Tactics)

Now, as the tippy tip of America’s Counter-terrorism spear JSOC units come face to with terrorists (duh) as part of their work in essentially some facet of every mission. Whether it’s hostage rescue from hijacked airliners, killing communist insurgents in the jungle in South America, or intercepting ships with weapons bound for terrorist groups it’s usually JSOC leading these operations. This also puts their intelligence assets in contact with the CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI (no seriously, FBI agents are attached to Delta Force raids in the Middle East) and other alphabet agencies with a penchant for mischief. (Mischief = Child fucking and drug trafficking)
Now, because JSOC is the #1 Premier terrorist killing organization, and the CIA is the world’s #1 Premier terrorist training organization, this puts them into direct conflict right off the bat. At the same time Delta Force is launching raids to free ISIS hostages, the CIA is actively training ISIS 500 miles away, and at the same time all those child sex slaves that ISIS loves so much are getting funneled to the CIA as well. This, along with Middle Eastern heroine production, is what keeps the CIA flush with off the books, no congressional approval required cash.
Now, because JSOC is full of the sharpest, hardest dudes in the U.S. military they aren’t exactly blind to this situation. In fact, Since Delta Force’s inception in the 1970’s the CIA has targeted it and conventional Special Forces groups with harassment, misleading and false intelligence, and general inter-agency rivalry, bordering on outright insurrection. For example an anon linked me to an article the other day where the CIA essentially strong-armed King Nigger’s SecDef into forcing 3rd Special Forces Group (not JSOC but a source of JSOC recruits) to train a bunch of Mexican “advisors” for “Drug Interdiction” in Mexico. Turns out the CIA was actually forcing them to train a bunch of guys that were the next generation of cartel hitmen. OOPS

So, with all this in mind I’ll go a little further back and set the stage for how this hatred started. In the 1970’s when the CIA was funneling drugs and children out of South-East Asia it used teams of unhinged dudes from Special Forces Groups and SEAL Teams to be their enforcers. This unit was called MACVSOG. You probably know a little about it. It’s main characteristics were that it was outside the laws of war, used unconventional guerilla warfare and was EXCEPTIONALLY brutal in their methods. They would slaughter whole villages, kill children, mutilate, rape, torture, etc. They act very much like modern cartel enforcers. The reason for this behavior is because this is exactly what those guys were. The CIA figured out it could have essentially unlimited money, test subjects for experiments, and worldwide power by controlling the drug/human trafficking trade. They started this operation in the Golden Triangle in the 1970s and continue it to this day.
Now, while this is going on the “normal” guys on SEAL Teams and Special Forces groups get extremely creeped out by this. They keep their mouths shut because they’re good soldiers but the word is out about the CIA’s Asian operations. Now while this is going on, these same SEAL Teams and SF Groups are beholden to higher powers (intel agencies) to fight their battles for them as well. So not only are they forced to work with these guys, many of their missions indirectly or directly supported these hunter-killer enforcement good-goys for the CIA. AND on many of these FUBAR missions “good” SF guys and SEALs were taken prisoners by the Vietcong and SE Asian resistance forces. Many remained POW’s until their deaths in the 1990’S
Now skipping forward into the 80’s, Delta Force is a newly minted united, JSOC is forming a new age of counter-terrorism is upon the world. The SF guys of Delta Force are no longer slogging their SE Asian jungles, they’re scooting across Europe and the Middle East training with our allies (The SAS, GIGN, GSG9 and Sayaret Maktal). In the midst of these missions intelligence occasionally locates groups of POW’s from the 1970’s. Of course, because many Delta and SEAL Team Six guys were brothers in arms to these POW’s, Delta starts working on plans to free them.
Now not once, but TWICE just as these missions were ready to roll the CIA intentionally sabotages them. They send a retired Special Forces General on CNN to spout off about he and his “militia” are headed to SE Asia to free POW’s. (MSM colluding with intel agencies to keep their child/human/drug trafficking empire alive) The word around the campfire is the CIA made the guy do it to scuttle the POW missions. The reason for this is not just to keep their empire under wraps, but because those hostages were a bargaining chip for reconstruction money we gave to the Vietnamese as well. (Over 11 Billion if I remember correctly) The POW’s were killed/forgotten to keep this and their child rape/drug empire under wraps.

So, rolling on into the 90’s and 2000’s and the War On Terror ramping up, JSOC is catapulted into a leading role in the US’s military interventions abroad. This grows JSOC’s autonomy, unit strength. During the 2000’s General Mcrystal was the General in charge of JSOC. Under his leadership, JSOC developed an integrated intelligence sharing system with the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, etc. He streamlined the flow of intelligence so that operations could be done with greater certainty and with more independently verified sources to increase chances of mission success.
On the surface this sounds great for their operations because it allows rapid response and greater intel collation and collection, but in reality it gave all the fucked up intel agencies a direct porthole into the daily operations of JSOC and a direct way to manipulate them with ease. Gen. Mccrystal worked closely with the CIA to integrate their intelligence into the JSOC modus operandi but as the state of the world shows the men of JSOC were being played yet again into knocking down pieces the CIA had already set up for them, or wanted out of the way as competing interests to their empire.
Now to ACTUALLY bring it around to the point at hand, we get to General Flynn, General Harward, the Navy SEALs under Obama and Hillary Clinton as SecState.
Now just because the men of JSOC are aware of the CIA’s fuckery, doesn’t necessarily mean their leadership is. As we saw with General Mccrystal, JSOC leadership often undermines the men’s ability to do their work in a calculated way. You see this with the POW mission sabotage and general derision and misleading intel during the Global War On Terror in the 2000’s.
Now to bring it back to Pizzagate, Flynn, and Hillary….

>As we saw with General Mccrystal, JSOC leadership often undermines the men’s ability to do their work in a calculated way.
McCrystal turned JSOC into a 4 star command and made it work.You can’t argue with results.  I imagine you’re copying this from somewhere. Tell whoever you’re copying it from they don’t know anything.

So since the 1970’s, during the CIA’s intro to terrorization and bodily horror in South-East Asia, they began running their MKULTRA experiments at home in the United States. These experiments largely focuses on drugs, torture, mind breaking, sexual abuse, etc. All in the hopes of creating a mentally impervious super soldier or sleeper agent who was unable to stray from their programming and commands. Now the MKULTRA stuff with LSD and prostitutes is declassified, but the experiments continued with newfound data. What they found was that the best way to mindbreak a person was induce a “dissociative state”. A dissociative state is when your brain creates a mental barrier to shield you from immediate trauma. it shields your “ego” to put it in Jungian terms. When you’re in these states  your conscious mind recedes and you becomes extremely suggestible. You become like putty in a handler’s hands and you can be made to kill, maim, whatever they tell and train you to do.
Now the sickest part of this is that it’s fairly hard to induce dissociative states, especially in adults. So what the CIA figured out was “fuck it! It works easier on kids! Let’s just torture kids and train them from childhood to be murderers!” Now because the CIA was already selling drugs, they connections to an endless supply of off the grid trafficked kids to fuck with and experiment on. This ballooned into all the Satanic Cults you see popping up all over the place loosely associated with the CIA, DIA, etc. Many of these cults operated and abused children on military base pre-schools and similar government funded childcare centers.
So this puts us roughly where we are now. Through the use of these child assets threats to this child-industrial-complex as I’ll call it are either entrapped with pedophile temptations or killed with this mindbroken torture-slaves. (Most well known “serial killers” spent time in CIA funded “treatment centers”, and had multiple political killings mixed into their other random victims).
Give me a 5 minute break and I’ll wrap up with how this relates to Trump’s fascination with the military and why JSOC’s men and component units but not necessarily the organization itself might be the ultimate foil to these pedophile Satanist freaks.

I’m not copying this from anywhere. McChrystal’s work under JSOC did streamline their ability to operate but my analysis is that the torrential flow of intelligence redirected their priorities towards doing the work of intel agencies rather than their core mission of identifying terrorist networks and working their way up the leadership chain. I would cite the many botched SEAL Team hostage rescue missions that happened under his leadership, as well as his compliance in the “Bin Laden Raid” (and subsequent deaths of those involved) as evidence he is willing to work directly to manipulate his own organization and aid in manipulating the “narrative”.
Not to mention McChrystal is a globalist who wants to disarm the population of America. After his tenure at JSOC he became a mouthpiece for MSM propaganda as well. I’m using him as example of why JSOC’s leadership can’t necessarily be counted on even though the men are generally in the know about the CIA and deep state pedophilia.

To cap this, I would now point to Trump’s fascination with the military. Trump is a big fan of General Mattis’s work, and when he speaks of decorated Generals he usually speaks warmly and almost in awe. He is quoted as being a fan of Patton as well, another “General’s General” to put it his way. Between his fascination with aircraft and military prowess I believe Trump is easily wooed by martial skill. That’s not to say he’s a sucker, but he definitely has a soft spot for men in uniform especially highly skilled men. His trip the fallen Navy SEAL’s return ceremony is proof that he has a deep respect for the men of the Joint Special Operations Command. He may have also already spoken directly with the enlisted men because every incoming President is given a demonstration by JSOC of their hostage rescue/counter-terror abilities. (Inside Delta Force; Eric Haney). If this has already happened, Trump has likely spoken to the Sgt.’s and lower-level Officers of the The Unit.
To put all the pieces together I believe the combination of Trump’s fascination with the military, his inferred respect for JSOC Operators, JSOC’s hatred of the CIA and the CIA’s constant antagonism towards JSOC is bringing the situation of child trafficking and CIA illegal cartel operations to a head. Trump’s tough border is especially worrisome to the CIA and especially mouth-watering to JSOC who would like nothing more than to be sicc’d on the cartels.
I’ll finish this off by saying there is essentially no facility on Earth JSOC can’t break into (see image but take with a grain of salt, books aren’t proof) and that if the CIA crosses the line, which they very well may have done by fucking with Flynn (another person “in on” the CIA trafficking) Trump might have JSOC spank them, or even worse for them have JSOC start dismantling their operations. I would wager that if given the call JSOC would jump at the chance, and I highly doubt the CIA’s hired goons, Ex-SF or not, would be able to stop them.
Please pick apart and criticize this analysis, but before you do please read:
Inside Delta Force: Eric Haney
Relentless Strike: Sean Naylor
Programmed to Kill: David Mcgowan


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