long-known youtube clips are now alleged to be smoking guns in Pizzagate

Because this is pizzagate-related, it is not recommended for sensitive viewers. I haven’t watched most of the videos, just enough to verify the gossip about them.

Thesevideos have been known for a long time.

Recently, some channers are claiming that they are strong enough to be considered smoking guns.

The first video attempts to compare known samples of John Podesta’s voice with the voice of someone who seems to be abusing a child. I’m not sure how graphic this video gets, because I’m not going to watch the whole thing. I’ve watched enough to see that it is actually a voice comparison, and it is still on youtube after a few days, so it is probably not something obviously illegal.


The next video is a comparison of sound files. I have no idea whether this is valid.

There is also a graphic that compares sound files. I have no technical skill in this.


The other video is a punk show at Comet Ping Pong.


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