Trump didn’t mention any grenade attacks (or the looting in Rinkeby, Stockholm)

Trump tweeted:



But Trump didn’t mention any grenade attacks.

It turns out that Swedes have few guns, but criminals in Sweden (who are often NOT Swedes) use grenades to commit crimes of violence.

You can compare and contrast with earlier versions of the same record if you want to check for propaganda getting slipped into the alleged facts:

But let’s not limit ourselves to old history.

Let’s take a recent headline from Sweden:

Police fired warning shots at stone-throwing youths in Rinkeby, Stockholm, on Monday evening.
For a time, the police were withdrawing from the area where two violent riots are now being investigated. Even cars have been burned and several shops have been broken.
– Some looting has occurred in the center, says Lars Bystrom, spokesperson for the police.

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