Stop quoting fake news, we have J-Pop!

Title: Stop quoting fake news, we have J-Pop!


For years, the established media have been spouting inconsistent claims.

On the one hand, plutocrat money pays for billboards that encourage rapists to rape Europeans (as shown above).

On the other hand, plutocrat money pays for brainwashing to convince the Europeans that immigrants never rape.

And while the established Western media have been grinding out this propaganda, the artists of Asia have been playing a different tune.

Musical theme: Morning Musume, “Brand New Morning.”
It seems that one of the most popular music groups in Asia has just released an anthem of authoritarian government.

The established media presents both “first world problems” and more urgent problems.

Here is a first world problem: the established media are arrogant, entitled, and annoying.

During the 6 am hour on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski made an alarming admission about what she thinks the media’s role is. During a panel discussion on President Trump’s revised immigration order, Brzezinski complained that Trump was undermining the media and taking their “job” of “controlling exactly what people think.”

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well, I think that the dangerous edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts and could be while unemployment and the economy worsens he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is–that is our job.


Here is another problem: When President Trump pointed out that Sweden was overwhelmed with immigrant crime, Swedes were eager to post messages on Internet services claiming that Trump was wrong and that Sweden was absolutely fine – and they only paused briefly when immigrant riots broke out. That sort of problem serves to illustrate how thoroughly the established media have brainwashed polite people, like the Swedes.

Here is an example of a more urgent problem:

The established plutocracy – including the media – advertises in Africa, seeking out refugees who plan to rape Europeans. A famous example is the billboard shown below.

[I would be interested in someone – preferably a trained journalist – doing a full examination of that rape-inciting billboard.]

Further examples are linked in an archived thread that kicked off when President Trump pointed out that Europe is importing rapists who hate Europeans.

The links in that archived thread should work, e.g.:

so if any readers would like to dig into this, that archived thread should provide a head start.

In theory, I would like to see an expose explaining which plutocrat paid for a billboard that incited rape. In the end, I suppose it doesn’t matter whether the billboard story ever gets explained. The songs against the respectable plutocrats are already reaching the ears of the masses, and the plutocrats cannot silence those disruptive anthems.

Because I am writing in Asia, I mostly hear proverbs from Buddha and Confucius. But by reading the chans (just as Julian Assange recommends) I get exposed to all sorts of Western history, some of which gets quoted here.

The title of the post, of course, is an allusion to Pompey: “Stop quoting laws, we carry weapons!” which he reportedly said to the defenders of a besieged city who were crying outrage.

Quotes of Pompey, as portrayed in Life of Pompey by Plutarch

via wikiquote

I only found that source because channers were quoting Pompey. What an unexpected world we live in: the established media raise up overpaid, ignorant babblers to repeat the party line gracelessly, whereas erudite classical scholars must post anonymously (but sometimes elegantly) on chans.

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