Diggers discover Deep State and foreigners linked to ShareBlue

[Digging is what we call it when amateurs attempt to sleuth through publicly available documents with a huge amount of information.]

Anons from 4chan and 8ch started digging up Deep State connections to propaganda and astroturfing campaigns.


Hillary Clinton’s propaganda team was called “Correct The Record.”

They have changed their name a bunch of times.
Some of their new names are: ShareBlue, American Bridge, and Media Matters.

All of these are George Soros internet astroturfing operations.

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Sample discussion:

Shareblue is literally being used by almost every single globalist group in the world to spew propaganda and subvert our country. This cannot be allowed to continue. You must find Shareblue’s office location and begin to identify the people working for them like you did with Correct the Record.
China, the Rothschild’s old base in City of London, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Groups all have connections to David Brock’s group.
This is Globalist Ke Xiping who runs the Xiamen Hengxing Group Co., Ltd. (厦门恒兴集团有限公司) https://archive.is/oMcMM https://archive.is/3L1z9
He arranged the Chinese side of the deal, masking a multimillion dollar payment as a mining project which was immediately sold to PowerChina, a state run enterprise. The Australian middleman who was responsible for playing go between was Malcolm Raymond Scott James ( https://archive.is/0jZrV ) He sits on the board of Moko Social Media Holdings and is the executive at Tianshan Goldfields, which was the Australian shell company set up to facilitate the deal with China. James was uniquely placed to sell influence in Shareblue back when it was named Blue Nation Review. ( https://archive.is/1xzLd ) Moko still hold’s a 20% stake in Shareblue
The Chinese aren’t the only ones fucking you over though! Our old friends the Jews, the Arabs, the financiers in the City of London and even Mexico is pulling strings in Shareblue! Peter Daou is the CEO of Shareblue’s holding company. Look at all of his clients! https://archive.is/bNhaI
Well well, did you know that PR Newswire and Bloomberg are both owned by a UBM plc in the City of London. Fair and unbiased, I’m sure. https://archive.is/p2WKA https://archive.is/TRF9V
He also works for OneVoice International, a part of the PeaceWorks Foundation. This is our new Open Society Foundation, they’re just as bad and you’ll find that Soros works with some of their supporters. https://archive.is/Ap6s https://archive.is/u1oq0
Here’s a sample of who is involved:
Rockefellers, the UK Labor Party and that cunt Jeremy Corbyn, The Crown Family Philanthropies etc. Crown Family doesn’t even hide who they love to support https://archive.is/AyzAs The PeaceWorks Foundation is run by Daniel Lubetzky, a Mexican Jew who loves to play up the Jew side and hide his Hispanic roots because he works with the Cartels to influence American politics. He founded KIND snacks and is a billionaire. https://archive.is/0Gt22 Here he is helping expose Hezbollah’s involvement in the drug trade in South America. So helpful to his Latino friends and also to his pals who don’t like Iran! https://archive.is/J4joC
PeaceWorks has offices in Tel Aviv, Ramallah, and London and they do business with Israelis, Palestinians, Egyptians, Australians, Turks, Indonesians and Sri Lankans. https://archive.is/l4ni8 https://archive.is/lrvfb
Lubetzky is working with China to push Shareblue because he thinks they can cause fractures such as Calexit which he will benefit from. But let’s be honest, the Chinese will fuck him and all the Hispanics over and send them packing once they get their way.
Want to stop this shit? Some people have already been doing some digging around online to find where Shareblue might be located. I will give you a few leads: https://archive.is/pWWzB
Josh Nerpal
Shareblue COO and Peaceworks Executive Director
He registered Shareblue.com under True Blue Media LLC
Anthony Reed
Co Founder, Benchmark Politics
Benchmark works for Shareblue: https://archive.is/xBt69 https://archive.is/zIYlX
Here he is on their website: https://archive.is/WNBEw
Benchmark’s shitty website: https://archive.is/M2Tc0
Shareblue’s Twitter manager Leah Mcelrath https://archive.is/FIA4X

Shareblue appears to be collaborating with Google in taking over old military bases:


Shareblue has offices located suspiciously close to several military bases. E.g.:

Assigned units at the air base:
>129th Rescue Wing, California Air National Guard
>63rd Regional Readiness Command Headquarters, United States Army Reserve
7th Psychological Operations Group Headquarters
>United States Army Reserve 341st Military Police Company (Combat Support)
U.S. Army
341st MP CO
351st Civil Affairs Command, U.S. Army


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