Hawaiian Libertarian has strong opinions on Pizzagate, and you should be thinking about them

He wrote:

Pizzagate will be the Rosetta stone of this era on the world stage of politics. It’s already had a tremendous effect…were it not for Pizzagate and the subsequent connections of the Clinton machine to spirit cooking, the Haitian economic development opportunities for indigenous youth charity work; the emailed queries about pizza related maps and pool parties with underage kids as the featured entertainment and other such lurid details brought to the attention of the public…well, in all likelihood, Trump probably would not have won the best election ever.

If it really was a true election that is…and not a Diebold machine (s)election to effect a mass media manufactured “revolution at the ballot box” psyop.

How LiterallyHitler’s administration deals with the revelations of Wikileak’s Hillary-Podesta-Abedin emails and Anthony Weiner’s “life insurance” file directory on his laptop impounded by the NYPD will be the WTC7 of the 2kTeens. If God really does bless America and Mein Trumpenfuhrer proceeds to truly “drain the swamp” he can rest easy in knowing that his historical legacy will have been secured in perpetuity as the greatest President ever.

And no, I do not say that lightly.

He doesn’t need to build the wall to achieve the immortality of demi-god legend. … he can only do so by exposing and utterly cleansing the Government of any and all who are connected and associated with the child porn – snuff film – pedo-prostituting – human child trafficking – organ harvesting – cannibal catering – vice bootleg intelligence agency black ops….

If the actions that are purportedly already underway behind the scenes eventually results in the scapegoating of nothing more than mid- and low- level pizzapedopervs while the big fish skate, I’m guessing it will serve as an affirmative confirmation that Donald Trump is nothing more then the stage personae of the newest dancing puppet for the Feedlot Managers of our Brave New World Order, purposely put into place to advance the plot.


As I have written before, Sessions has until June 2017 to report about transnational crime. At that point the Trump administration is going to have to talk about pizzagate. I reserve judgement until then.

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One Response to Hawaiian Libertarian has strong opinions on Pizzagate, and you should be thinking about them

  1. BMan says:

    After hearing Trump’s sentiments about his own daughter, and his supposed connections to the Lolita Express, I would bet a dollar to a donut this goes nowhere. If so, the swamp killer is killing himself, too. Narcissists don’t do that.


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