Sassy-Cat-Pic-640×607.jpg proves that the CIA is staffed by bronies

The Internet does not have a lot of respect for bronies.

The CIA dump of Vault 7 from Wikileaks includes Sassy-Cat-Pic-640×607.jpg.

Sassy-Cat-Pic-640×607.jpg originates from a brony posting on ponychan at

This suggests the CIA is staffed by bronies who unwind by posting role plays of magical ponies.

Several channers claim that Hillary Clinton is on the record talking about bronies, but I have not yet found independent confirmation of the claim that she mentioned bronies in a meeting with Blankfein.

Some CIA stuff is manly. For example, they name their test computers after manly video game references like Abstergo, Umbrella, Sarif, Black Mesa, etc. Those refer to violent video games about assassins, zombies, cyborgs, and crowbars, so that is much manlier than a magical pony with a special logo on its flank.

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