The Ides of March wait for no man

I had originally planned to post about the Congressional hearings scheduled on the 15th, which would have been super shocking, but they were rescheduled.

We news junkies can still hope that the Ides will be shocking. The Federal Reserve might raise rates or something.

Because the Ides of March is supposed to be shocking, we had better clear the decks of the old stories.

Over the past few weeks, I have collected various stories, and never found the time to write about them properly.

A warfighter is pissed off that civil servants don’t have his sense of duty:

For decades now the various US administrations have made use of the facilities provided by USIA, CIA black ops, various party connected pro-democracy groups, NED, etc. to; interfere in other peoples’ elections, political party structures and to tinker with history to give not so gentle shoves in the direction that Borgists have believed was in the interest of a utopian future for mankind and the creation of even more; massive egos, and wealth here in Washington and across Borgistan. It should be stressed that all administrations of both parties have done that. And guess what, pilgrims, I know this because like other fairly senior denizens of the intelligence world I was often used by the government of the day to “leak” information to the oh, so clever press. “Now you understand, this is on deep background just for you” because you are so special … Who leaked the “news” about the Australian phone call yesterday? Is it not obvious that the WH “leaked” it to make the world and themselves think how bad-assed they are?

This kind of behavior has become reflexive and universal, but to carry out government by slight of hand and other skullduggery requires the active cooperation of the senior members of the federal civil service. Not the contractors, the contractor employees are seldom players, they are just money-makers for the contractor companies.

So, when I read of political operatives, for that is what they are, seeking to organize the federal civil service against the present administration of the United States it gives me pause. If they should succeed to some degree, the result would be paralysis for the government. If you think that is a good thing you should consider that the damage to the functioning of all parts of the Executive Branch would be deep and long lasting.

A small example of the chaos that would ensue from a failure of function was provided by the ineptitude of the Trump Administration in not staffing and coordinating the “immigration” EO across the interagency last week

The federal civil service was created because of the murder of a president.

John Robb sometimes deigns to blog, but his schtick doesn’t seem very convincing. I think Trump’s election is one of many “black swan events” that Robb doesn’t understand.

Trump is bombing lots of folks, and the hippies are upset:

Political economy: problem is that crony capitalists jack up prices, not that wages are low:

The politicians who decry crime usually carry out crimes – sometimes they get caught:

Dutch voters want out of EU

Pensions ready to collapse:

Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation Running Out of Cash, Millions Affected

Turkey breaks international law by cutting off flow of river across border to Syria:

USA gov privacy protector is ineffective but still exists in name:

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