Snouts in a bipartisan trough: Republican Paul Ryan accepts money through Democrat funnel

A channer wrote:

Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and other democrats actively receive campaign donations from ActBlue. According to, Paul Ryan and Rob Portman are the only republicans to ever accept campaign donations through ActBlue. …
John McCain admitted to being an early adopter of ActBlue’s online marketing strategy. However, he is not listed as receiving funds from ActBlue.

ActBlue bills itself as “the online clearinghouse for Democratic action.” As a federally registered political action committee, it serves as a conduit for online contributions to Democratic candidates and committees. That is, ActBlue bundles and transmits earmarked contributions from individuals raised on their website to specific candidates.
The organization assists Democratic candidates and committees of all ideological persuasion, helping moderates and liberals alike. Through mid-2010, it has helped funnel more than $134 million — and counting — in contributions. Because much of that money comes in donations below the $200 threshold for itemized disclosure, the total amount given by donors via ActBlue is considerably greater than the totals listed below, which are based on FEC filings of candidates and committees that receive this money.

It is interesting that any Republican at all would receive money through ActBlue due to the purpose of the PAC. Note I said “though” ActBlue, not “from” ActBlue.

For those unaware, ActBlue does not itself raise money. ActBlue is a tool (or a service). It is a go-between for online fundraising. A Democratic candidate to whichever office puts a link on their website to donate and, instead of going through a traditional service to receive the money, the money goes through ActBlue and is passed on to the campaign. It is similar to using Paypal to receive donations, except ActBlue takes a 3.95% transaction fee for the service.
ActBlue specifically advertises their tool as existing for Democrats and only for Democrats. Why or how someone would donate to a Republican through ActBlue’s tool is a mystery.

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