Paris is burning due to vibrant diversity (which is our strength. Celebrate diversity or else.)

Syrian refugees in the northern German city of Peine faced off with other migrants on Saturday night. The video below shows the two groups pelting each other with stones and chanting “Allah Akbar.”

According to reports in the German media (, “ten refugees with mainly Syrian and Palestinian immigration backgrounds” started the chaos before they clashed with German “citizens with a predominantly Turkish, Kurdish and Lebanese background”.

Around 50 people were involved in the incident and several cars were damage.[d]

“Police were able to separate the groups with a large squad and reinforcement from other departments,” according to the report. The two gangs were planning another battle on Sunday night but authorities arrived in advance to quell any violence.

BREAKING: Violent riots in Paris after police kill Chinese father-of-five

TENSIONS have flared in Paris with hundreds of angry protesters and cars set alight following the police killing of Shaoyo Liu.

PUBLISHED: 22:10, Mon, Mar 27, 2017 | UPDATED: 22:53, Mon, Mar 27, 2017
People protest in Paris as man allegedly dies in police custody

Shaoyo Liu, 56, was killed by anti-crime police following a visit to his family home after a family disagreement.

The father of five died in his apartment in the 19th district of Paris on Sunday night.

According to the police, Mr Liu attacked one of the members of the anti-crime police in the throat with a pair of scissors.

Riots have flared in Paris
Mon, March 27, 2017
Police in Paris are struggling to cope with the fall out from a plague of riots which have kicked off in the city’s northern suburbs.

Police are trying to contain the situation in Paris
The police smashed the door, the shot was gone and my father found himself on the ground

However, the family insists that their father had scissors to cut fish up that he was cooking.

In a statement, one of the children said: “The police smashed the door, the shot was gone and my father found himself on the ground.”

The family are reported to be devastated by the immense shock of the death.

Cars have been set on fire during the riots
Riots have flared particularly among the Chinese community in Paris.

The hashtag #mortdeLiuShaoyo has been used on Twitter to remember the father.

There are reports of around 200 protesters.

Quote from Frenchman (profanity redacted):

Checking French news, I see this:

>police intervention few days ago
>chin[ese] dies during intervention
>#mortdeLiuShaoyo #JeSuisLiuShaoyo
>chin[ese] gather to protest
>small scale riot ensues
>chin[ese] get [beaten]

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