8ch is kill. But who was phone?

The chans are only temporary watering holes.

Channers are like the Mongols.

They swarm over the vast wastelands of the Internet.

No one can find any major vulnerable concentration points.

They gather, temporarily, at watering holes, but they don’t care if any particular watering hole gets destroyed.

Some of them are very proud of raiding, but conventional raiding is not the important part of the channers.

The important part is that they are using the memes more effectively than their competition.

Infinity Chan is dead, and maybe it will stay dead, but regardless, no one cares.

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2 Responses to 8ch is kill. But who was phone?

  1. BMan says:

    I usually don’t consider myself a fuddy duddy, but I have to admit that I have little idea what 8ch (or any CHAN… whatever that is) really is/does.

    • A “chan” is a channel. It is bulletin board, usually anonymous, where posting an image is automatically available. Thus these chans attract anonymous people who want to post pictures of porn or cartoons or video games.

      For several years, the chans have been influential in Internet culture, but even if they were all destroyed, the Internet would interpret the censorship as damage and route around it.

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