cocktail hors d’oeuvres for teal deer

According to U.S. intelligence sources, President Bush obstructed justice
last December when he had senior advisor Karl Rove and White House Counsel
Harriet Miers instruct Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to fire eight
U.S. attorneys who were among several others conducting ongoing public
corruption and secret national security grand jury investigations
connected to an espionagea**linked prostitution / pedophile sex ring
operating at the Washington Ritz-Carlton and other DC hotels, whose
clients included U.S. senators and congressmen, elite Washington news
reporters and high government officialsa**some of whom were named by an
intelligence insider.

TLDR: Chinese people have great contempt for underclass status.

Earlier this month in Beijing, amid the pomp of China’s annual rubber-stamp parliament meetings, a politician proudly shared with reporters his proposal on how to “solve the problem of the black population in Guangdong.” …

They grapple with the question: Is it racism or ignorance? And how do you distinguish the two?
Paolo Cesar, an African-Brazilian who has worked as a musician in Shanghai for 18 years and has a Chinese wife, said music has been a great way for him to connect with audiences and make local friends. However, his mixed-race son often comes home unhappy because of bullying at school. Despite speaking fluent Mandarin, his classmates do not accept him as Chinese. They like to shout out, “He’s so dark!”
The global success of black public figures, such as politicians, actors, and athletes, appears to have a limited effect on Chinese attitudes.
“People would say to me, ‘Obama! You’re a black American!’ And I’d be treated better than my African friends,” said Jayne Jeje, a marketing consultant from Maryland who has worked all over mainland China and now lives in Hong Kong. “I think it’s a class thing. If you’re African you’re from a poor place and should be treated with less deference, but if you’re African-American, that’s great, and you get some grudging respect.”

TL;DR: USA real estate is entirely corrupt and the 99% are suffering because of it.

And I get it, owning a mortgaged property is also costly. But while renters are seeing standards of living drop now, so too will landlords when their properties sit vacant due to aggregate inability of renters’ incomes to afford to support the mortgaged landlords in the manner to which they had once become accustomed.

There will be a resurgence in foreclosures. And then, if they are lucky to still have a job income, we’ll also welcome them to the renters club.

Americans are paying the price for the Fed’s efforts to “heal” the housing market. The Fed has implemented elaborate strategies since 2008, among them: cutting its policy rate to near zero, embarking on QE, and bailing out banks and their richest investors, including Warren Buffett and his financial and insurance empire. In 2011, the Fed began encouraging and enabling Wall Street’s biggest private equity firms and other investors to buy up hundreds of thousands of homes out of foreclosure to push up home prices.

This has led to soaring housing costs that have by far outpaced wage growth, if any. And it made it that much harder for these Americans to stay that one paycheck ahead of hunger and homelessness. There are a lot of them. They’re consumers too. And this could be why the economy, which has been ruined for them, has since then not been able to grow at a reasonable pace.

And so, America becomes “Landlord Land.”

“Trickle Down” Has Failed; Wealth and Income Have “Trickled Up” to the Top .5%
March 30, 2017
Central bank policies have generated a truly unprecedented “trickle-up” of wealth and income to the top .5%.

Some Venezuelans are trying to crowdfund a channer-style game with Bitcoin tie-ins. At the moment, it looks very unfinished.

AIPAC is the most powerful foreign policy lobby in Washington. It’s annual budget exceeds $77 million plus it has an endowment of $100 million. It has nearly 400 employees and also supports local chapters and initiatives throughout the United States.

What do all those employees do? They mostly lobby Congress and increasingly state legislatures shamelessly on behalf of a foreign country that has little in the way of actual common interests with the United States.

But beneath the surface, Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton are all very similar on 4 core issues.

Moar War (Wars Waged for no compelling reason)

Lap Dogs for Wall Street … Making the Rich Richer

Spying On Americans

Supporting Dictators Who Support Terrorism

TL;DR: Obviously the entire BBC was covering up for Savile, but in particular, Mark Thompson is the name of one executive who actively vetoed investigations that would have brought Savile to police attention.

A court-appointed investigator has found that the United States Attorney’s Office for Kansas is in possession of hundreds of phone and video recordings of communications between attorneys and their clients, inmates at a privately run prison facility in Leavenworth.
At least 700 attorneys are believed to have been recorded without their knowledge, the investigator’s report submitted to a federal court said. Last week Special Master David Cohen asked to expand his probe to determine whether prosecutors regularly listened to and compiled attorney-client conversations. Already, 227 phone call recordings and at least 30 videos of attorney-client meetings have been discovered in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Kansas City.

More technology doesn’t always lead to better results.

A very brief introduction to “accumulation by dispossession.”

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