Alleged DOJ employees anonymously publish claims of false child abuse image charges

The following claims were posted by an anonymous person claiming to have ties to the Department of Justice.

They are submitted without confirmation. They link to further alleged evidence. The veracity of the alleged evidence is beyond my knowledge.

DOJ Leak #1: Brian David Hill framed with child porn Anonymous
Leak from US Dept. of Justice.
Nickname Gregg Birch
I was investigating case information, found some wrong stuff about case United States vs. Brian David Hill.
Docket 1:13-cr-00435
We understand Brian was former news reporter of uswgo alternative news before he was framed.
Brian gave a false guilty plea to get out of jail. PRESENTENCE INVESTIGATION REPORT WAS CREATED.

PSI stated that none of the claimed CP images are of any known series. Contradiction of claim by Reidsville Police Department officer Robert Bridge. Search Warrant files were never verified to ever be found on Brian’s seized computer and hard disk drives.
DOJ is investigating case and his claims, but we aren’t at liberty to divulge any information as it may compromise the investigation.
Further documents may be leaked depending on what is found in our investigation.
This was leaked by a concerned DOJ employee whom does not wished to be identified.
Brian’s only victim was “State of North Carolina” and “Mayodan Police Department.”
Brian has been threatening lawsuits, we don’t endorse setting him up with child porn. We ask that Brian stop accusing us of framing him with CP. Our agency only prosecuted his case as directed by local PD and District Attorney Philip Edward Berger Junior.
Nobody will ever file a claim for restitution because Brian has no child victims.
That is all I can report to you at this time.
LEAKED BY Gregg Birch

Do not hate us, we only work there as employees doing a job for a paycheck. Don’t hate us for the frame up of Mr. Hill.

It is easy to frame people on child porn possession. Heck how difficult is it for a rogue cop to walk in a home, plug in a USB Flash Drive with 128GB worth of child porn, and copy it all to a computer?
When evidence in a Federal criminal case doesn’t match the other evidence used by the Prosecution, then they are knowingly killing the character of whoever they prosecute.
The Courts these days pressure and even bully or threaten Defendants to take the guilty plea because it is much easier to have everybody plead guilty than to have to find reasonable Jurors to find Defendants guilty beyond reasonable doubt based on the evidence of every case.
It is really an unfair system. Child porn downloading yet the files are not found on his computer. He was sending emails to Mayodan before it’s Police Department investigated him based on an old IP Address that he was using for months in his emailing campaigns.

Look it up

If you don’t have a good lawyer then your only choice is to take the guilty plea to get less prison time, maybe even time served.
It may have been better that Brian got time served, so that he can try to prove his Innocence.
Somebody really wanted him to be framed with this awful child porn garbage. The threatening emails match the claims that CP was downloading for eleven months after his Laptop was seized.

This kind of fixed Justice has to stop. America was born on the right to a Fair Trial, the right to a effective lawyer, the right to prove your innocence to the crime that your accused of. Now it’s all witchhunts and McCarthyism. All somebody has to do is yell that you got child porn and then you will be set up by rogue cops. It can be that easy depending on how corrupt a particular police department is.

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2 Responses to Alleged DOJ employees anonymously publish claims of false child abuse image charges

  1. If you want any kind of way to verify this, then contact Defendant Brian D. Hill. If you want his contact information then email me. He has done Declarations and a Affidavit. He has brought up things that he read from his discovery packet in his FOIA Appeal with the Office of Information Policy. That is one way to verify the credibility of the leaked information. The other is to ask the Federal Prosecutor but they aren’t just gonna tell you that information, as they want to win and look good when they file cases. If they discover bad evidence they used, they hush hush on it unless there is media attention. When you search for photos of Brian, he had his photo taken with Presidential candidate Virgil H. Goode (third party candidate), Jim Tucker, and others. His website did exist until late August of 2012 which can be looked at via the Wayback Machine. He was also a Righthaven lawsuit victim which was documented in a NYTimes article titled “Enforcing Copyrights, for a Profit” in 2011 by Dan Frosch.

  2. Also the leaked document photo has one paragraph which was also referenced in Brian’s White House correspondence letter asking U.S. President Trump to give him a full pardon of Innocence.
    The claims were made under penalty of perjury which is a felony if it is a lie.
    So Brian did reference the claims in his PSI in his Declaration to The White House which was mailed through certified delivery, so it is his original signature. Since the Secret Service screens all WH mail, Brian’s Declaration is likely being vetted by the Secret Service since they are law enforcement for the President. So the facts of his Innocence are pretty high, but not enough to persuade the strict Judges of his Innocence. He did try to hire a former FBI Agent named Kevin Wetzel, a North Carolina independent computer forensic contractor but the SBI is refusing to let him examine Brian’s computer for his Habeas Corpus petition for his planned 2255 Motion on the ground of Actual Innocence. So there are dirty things going on. If Brian was guilty then why are the Feds refusing to let him prove his confession to be false based upon threat that his mother would be arrested if he didn’t repeat what the cops wanted him to say. Why are the Feds refusing to let a former FBI Agent examine his computer but examine other computers? Once you start reviewing over his discovery evidence, then you will see a lot of holes and some red flags. Forensics wasn’t even done correctly according to the same forensic procedures used to convict military Whistleblower Bradley Manning by forensically searching his computer. Even somebody accused of espionage had used better forensic practices in Federal Prosecutions but the forensic report against Brian doesn’t really prove much of anything, no Affidavit by the SBI Agent, no real evidence. it’s just the SBI Agent wants people to take his word for it knowing that people will on this kind of charge.

    With the leak of Vault 7 by the CIA and HackingTeam Remote Control System (RCS), it is possible for computer hackers or govt agents to plant anything, not just child porn but any evidence they want.


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