MSF claims sarin symptoms, Swedes chide, and bionerd Denis O’Brien goes postOl (with gratuitous Origa soundtrack)

Gratuitous Origa soundtrack is gratuitous. It also might not fit your mood as you read this story. Then again, this story might raise your blood pressure, and if the song calms you, it becomes useful and thus no longer gratuitous.

Regular readers of this blog of course recall the MIT professor Postol, who criticized claims that Assad used his army to drop sarin on people.

Postol criticized a White House report that came several days after MSF claimed that sarin had been used:

Apr 5, 2017
Medical charity Medicins Sans Frontieres said on Wednesday eight people it treated following a suspected chemical attack in northern Syria had symptoms consistent with nerve agents like Sarin.

“Among the victims of the attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun who were transferred to the Bab al-Hawa hospital … near the Turkish border, MSF saw eight patients with symptoms – dilated pupils, muscle spasms, involuntary defecation – consistent with exposure to neuro-toxic agents such as Sarin,” the group said in a statement.

MSF, which has teams at the hospital, said it had provided antidotes and protective equipment for personnel on site.

“The MSF team also accessed other hospitals treating victims and noted a strong smell of chlorine, suggesting they had been exposed to this toxic agent,” MSF said.

Some days later, the White House claimed that not only was it sarin, it must have been Assad’s men. The closest thing to evidence were hoax photos, and Postol criticized them harshly as I reported (with an equally gratuitous Origa soundtrack meant to evoke the feeling of scrambled information):

At that time, I knew that the White Helmets were being cited as important sources of information, but I did not know that a group ofphysicians in Sweden were criticizing the White Helmets as follows:

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli,

Chairman, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights – SWEDHR.


Summary. This article reports updated findings I obtained in a further examination of videos published by the White Helmets, and which aimed to represent consequences of an alleged gas attack in Sarmine in March 2015 [See my first report of March 6, 2017]. [1] The videos depict a medical rescuing scenario focused on ‘lifesaving’ procedures on children.

The new findings, which have also been confirmed in second-opinions issued by MD specialists and members of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) on March 12, 2017, a) demonstrate that the main highlighted ‘life-saving‘ procedure on the infant shown in the second video of the sequence was faked. Namely, no substance (e.g. adrenaline) was injected into the child while the ‘medic’ or doctor introduced the syringe-needle in a simulated intracardiac-injection manoeuvre [See video below with the findings’ synopsis]; b) may bring support to the hypothesis mentioned by doctors in the previous report, referring that the child in question, “if not already dead, might have died because the injection procedure”.

The three children subjected to ‘life-saving’ procedures in the second video were eventually dead, and the cause of death –that according to the White helmets video would be attributed to chlorine gas– has been disputed by other medical opinions independently of the assessments by the Swedish doctors mentioned in the SWEDHR reports. For instance, in the opinion of a UK doctor, the health-status in reference to the above mentioned child could be instead attributed to drug overdose, likely opiates.

The findings in these reports raise serious questions about the ethical integrity of the organization White Helmets, on the anti-medical procedures they advertise in its videos, and the war-criminal behaviour represented by the misuse of dead children with propaganda aims.

But then, from a post at a website named after a Brecht song, I found further criticism from a bionerd:

The above soundtrack is NOT gratuitous. It is absolutely necessary.


Moon of Alabama wrote:

The neuroscientist and neuro-pharmacologist Denis O’Brien, a Ph.D. with a research and teaching career in that field, analyzed the symtoms of the casualties that were depicted in the various videos coming out of Khan Sheikhun. His detailed diagnostics and chemical-biological explanations are humorously titled Top Ten Ways to Tell When You’re Being Spoofed by a False-Flag Sarin Attack.

O’Brian notes the total absence of feces, urine, vomit and cyanosis (turning blue) in the videos. Sarin exposure causes, according to the CDC database, “Nausea, vomiting (emesis), diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cramping.” Sarin effected patients would spontaneously shit, pee and vomit all over. But the casualties in the videos, even the “dead” ones, have clean undies. The “clinic” in the videos has clean floors. The patients show red skin color, not oxygen deprived blue. The patients in the videos were not effected by sarin.

Medical personal and rescue workers in the videos (example) and pictures also show none of the typical sarin symptoms.

I turn the remainder of this post over to Doctor O’Brien:

#1: People intoxicated with sarin don’t look well. Ever. None of them.

#2: People intoxicated with sarin don’t gasp, cough, cry, or pant.

#3: People intoxicated with sarin don’t often foam at the mouth.

#4 & #5: People intoxicated with sarin defecate massively and urinate all over themselves.

#6: People intoxicated with sarin will vomit up everything they haven’t defecated.

#7 & #8: People intoxicated with sarin will produce a large volume of tears and a large volume of watery saliva.

#9: People intoxicated with sarin turn blue. Always.

#10: People intoxicated with sarin never turn pink or red. Never.


In the introduction I noted that the US government and the MSM claim to have evidence that Assad dropped sarin on Khan Sheikhoun from Su-22 fighter jets. For instance, on Apr11|17 the White House released a four-page statement, which it calls an “assessment.” Not an “intelligence assessment,” just an “assessment.” It is not a formal Intelligence Estimate. It is not even a formal assessment of the intelligence community. Not a single one of the 17 intelligence agencies has signed the document — nobody has. It is not dated. It has no letterhead or any other indicia of being an official government document. It is, basically D.T.Dildo’s bullshit reduced to a few typed pages, probably by his 30-something Israel-first minions: Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, Ezra Cohen-Watnick. It starts off this way:

The United States is confident that the Syrian regime conducted a chemical weapons attack, using the nerve agent sarin, against its own people in the town of Khan Sheikhun in southern Idlib Province on April 4, 2017.

The mad president ends his anti-Assad diatribe by repeating allegations that the Obama administration backed away from in early 2014:

We must remember that the Assad regime failed to adhere to its international obligations after its devastating attacks on Damascus suburbs using the nerve agent sarin in August 2013, which resulted in more than one thousand civilian fatalities, many of whom were children.

But here’s the thing . . . here’s what illuminates the extent of DTD’s stupidity: While he runs the tired old deceptive yada about pin-point pupils and foaming at the mouth being “consistent with” sarin at least three times, not once does he address the absence of the actual diagnostic effects of sarin. Not once does he mention the absence of feces, urine, vomit. Not once does he mention the absence of cyanosis. Nowhere does he explain why the victims shown in the terrorists’ videos are cherry-red. In other words, Donald T. Dildo is doing the same thing the terrorists in Idlib Province are doing with their sarin-porn: he’s trying to spoof you. He’s a liar — a very dangerous liar.

If you recall, in the aftermath of the Ghouta Massacre in 2013, the New York Times, Human Rights Watch and a motley of other anti-Assad players such as Dan Kaszeta and Elliot Higgins introduced “evidence” that sarin rockets had been fired into Ghouta by the Syrian Arab Army. I mean, to read these people you’d have thought the case against Assad could not get any stronger. But I had ultimate faith in the biology, and the biology then, as now, clearly showed us that there was no sarin attack, much less sarin rockets. All of these self-described experts were wrong.

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