Corbett Report regarding Pedogate/Pedofiles

I have previously noted that one of Trump’s major supporters was a child trafficker, but Corbett believes that Epstein has a very damaging relationship with Trump.

In 2004, there were at least two messages between Epstein and Trump.

Epstein’s butler thinks that Trump is a material witness.

I believe Corbett is overplaying his case.  However, Reason.Com has a better critique: namely, arrests of “johns” who employed ordinary adult-age prostitutes are being falsely presented as child trafficking arrests:

Here are the arrests that Croklin credits as Donald Trump-brokered busts of pedophile trafficking rings:

Comment: Corbett is implying that Jeff Sessions is not going to rock the boat at any point by indicting child traffickers. I am willing to wait at least until the 9th of June, 2017 to make a judgment about whether Sessions is going to do the honest thing by prosecuting Pizzagate.

If Sessions does not prosecute by 9th June 2017, then the “nimble navigators” who want to see this prosecuted are going to have to make some serious sacrifices. At that point, it will be necessary to do serious political organizing, not just slacktivism. Posting a blog about how much you want to see Pizzagate prosecuted is just slacktivism. If Sessions doesn’t prosecute, then something much more effort-intensive than blogposting will be required.

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  1. BMan says:

    There are enough Drumpdters to keep this hidden.

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