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Russia is mediating negotiations for a political solution to the Yemen conflict outside of UN channels as a means to secure naval bases in Yemen.

The president followed through on his campaign promise to take the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP would have made a relatively small economic difference—most of its members already have low trade barriers—but it was geopolitically important. The partnership, which did not include China, was a means of drawing America’s Asian allies closer together and of signaling US resolve and permanent engagement in Asia. China wasted no time in taking advantage of the diplomatic gift it was handed with the TPP’s demise. At January’s global forum in Davos, President Xi appeared as the spokesman for globalization and open trade. A few weeks later, China sent high-level officials to a meeting of the eleven remaining TPP members to discuss forming a new regional trade regime in which it, and not the US, would be a member.

The widely-reported number of children who died as a result of the USA’s sanctions has been as high as 576,000, although one subsequent report estimated 227,000 and a second approximated 350,000.

Allegations from a former tool of the banksters:

Vatican elite clergy own giant gay bathhouse.

Limeys gonna lime:

USA warfighters claim to be fighting to help children. (I do not necessarily believe these vets are trustworthy. On the other hand, if Sessions does NOT prosecute in June, then the “nimble navigators” will need the help of trustworthy people, and these vets might turn out to be trustworthy.)

Two essays from a smart guy:

Can computers cope with human races?

by Les Earnest <les at>

© 1989 by the Association for Computing and Machinery

In trying to apply a computer to a task that humans do, we often discover that it doesn’t work. One common problem is that humans are able to deal with fuzzy concepts but computers are not — they need precise representations and it is hard to represent a fuzzy concept in a precise way. However, if we look closer at such tasks, we often discover that the weakness actually lies not in the computer but in ourselves — we didn’t understand what we were doing in the first place.

When faced with a problem of this sort, some people refuse to recognize the conceptual failure. Instead of seeking a better representation for the task, they thrash away at making the fuzzy scheme work, insisting that there is nothing wrong with the conceptual base.


How I got an FBI record at age 11 from dabbling in cryptography then got into more trouble


Don’t trust any Chromebook given to you by someone with an incentive to spy:

leakage of a report of the German Court of Auditors, which was very critical of the conditions under which German gold was being held in New York. This created public and political pressure on the Bundesbank to renegotiate and to get that gold out of New York. At the same time, the US-side could hardly afford to snub this demand, because there was lots of speculation, even in the US, that something was amiss with the gold reserves of the US and the rest of the world that were stored in the country. The way in which the official gold of the US, and the gold held in custody for other countries, is guarded against public scrutiny and shielded from its owners, gives fodder to any number of conspiracy theories. Had the New York Fed refused to let a foreign central bank, which was under such obvious pressure, retrieve some of their gold, these conspiracy theories around official gold might very well have become intense enough to damage trust in the dollar.

Gold Manipulation and $1.2 Quadrillion in Derivatives by Rory, The Daily Coin

For several months during 2016 I was researching the SDR, Federal Reserve Note/U.S. dollar, global currencies and the people behind the scenes pulling the strings. The pulling of the strings was being conducted by oligarchs, like the Group of 30, the IMF, BIS and other unelected globalist operating in broad daylight or the shadows. During this time it became clear the task the citizens face is one of epic proportions. These unelected bureaucrats, that write policy to determine our fate answer to no one except the people at the very top of the economic/financial food chain. The people we rarely hear about and know very little of their lives. These are the most dangerous of all and the people benefiting the most from our labor and resources.

How did we reach this point? Why do these criminals get away with such heinous crimes?

The people, like Dr. Coats and Mr. Robert Pringle, both were members/chiefs at the IMF, while they have been on the teams creating policy, the policies they put forth were met with resistance – who is this resistance and why are they resisting? Knowing these people and understanding aspects of their motivations is what I am referencing. Why would someone put up a wall to block logic? Why would anyone want to institute a form of slavery, on a global scale, that is impossible to get away from and actually make it illegal to get away from it? If I print currency to be used instead of Federal Reserve Notes I would be jailed for counterfeiting. Federal Reserve Notes, according to the Constitution, have been and will continue to be, counterfeiting as long as they exist, period. Anyone that says otherwise is protecting an agenda or has no knowledge of the Constitution.

Big Pharma profits as everyone dies of opioid use:

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