Some conspiracy news, and possibly some conspiracy theories

By now, you have heard that the Awan brothers hacked Congress:

The following, to me, looks unproven:

I don’t believe it at face value.

The summary is: “Who Knew Anthony Weiner Is Actually the Awan Brothers Handler?”

But in the video he points to various photos and claims that some are Weiner and others are not.

It’s a double-barreled problem: I would like to dispute the photo claim, but I get distracted by the question of whether his argument is valid.

Serious conspiracy historians might be able to make sense of the guy’s video, but I am not going to try.

The following stories are a little easier to believe:

Soros paid agitators who claimed to be “professional anarchists”:

Scientology is a crazy cult pretending to be a religion:

Scientology facilities in Tennessee closed after police find patients held against their will

Law enforcement is a crazy cult facilitating torture:

The CIA interferes in foreign elections:

Congress sold out Internet privacy:

Trump appointee accused of gay rape:

The “small world” networks of rich people look like conspiracies:

Limeys gonna lime:

Wikileaks can’t figure out if alleged emails are a prank or a real leak regarding the French globalists:

Israel can shut down your bank account:

Texans call for limits to government:

Loretta Lynch didn’t do her duty- which was to investigate Hillary thoroughly:

Fine Bunch of Individuals releases 130 pages of redactions:

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