Wikileak, Macronleak, everywhere a leak, leak; old Podesta had a leak, then Seth Rich got killed

Wikileaks is keeping me so busy I don’t have time to analyze the Macronleaks.

You can read about French corruption at this link if you care:

I’m guessing most of you don’t really care much about France. Those of you who care will probably just give a Gallic shrug no matter how few or how many links I give regarding French corruption.

A lot of people are kicking up a fuss about a leak that has long been known, namely Podesta threatening to make an example of leakers like Seth Rich:


In particular, the voaters are impressed with the following chan chatter:

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Comment by anon –

this will be my only post on this subject, because the leaks are starting to come out.

John Podesta uses SEIU people to do his dirty work. I am not FBI anon but close.

Jennifer Palmieri had Seth murdered, but Robby Mook and John Podesta found out about it and had Jennifer consult with Hillary and Huma and they all decided it was best to silence Seth.

Once the deed was done, Palmieri and Mook started pushing the “robbery” narrative and the cops in DC went along with it. The DC police chief is complicit and covering up for them. He is also a pedophile.

If you’d like to connect dots, look into SEIU people in DC that night, Jennifer Palmieri’s strange “Tweets”, and Robby Mooks insistence that it is Russia.

If the right people are informed in the right order, Palmieri, Mook, Podesta, Abedin and the Clinton Machine (phillippe also) will fall. Weiner is going to get immunity it looks like. SEIU murdered Seth Rich, connected to Podesta and Palmieri.

Q. Do you have any data that you can give us, anon? We would love more help. Please give or tell more.

A. what do you want to know? it’s hard to tell what’s out there and what I’ve seen /heard in my duties

Q. Do you think this information will get out? What’s going to happen when it does?

A. it’s been out there. That’s why the DNC hired their own people to represent the family, they could cover up anything that popped up and keep an eye on the family in case they asked too many questions.

Palmieri and Mook along with Podesta and Tanden are having people killed. I have no idea why Sessions is sitting on his hands.

Q. DC fag here – SEIU shills are fucking all over the streets on weekends, they go after tourists as well in Georgetown fuck those guys

A. The older SEIU guys do the real DIRTY work, the younger ones are just useful idiots to recruit people for riots. I’m here for another 20 minutes.

(Comment included this photo – – who is this???)

Q. do you have any details on podesta/huma that isn’t commonly known?

Anon posted this image of JP ( note Kabbalah bracelet ) – then comments –

A. he’s friends with the entire clinton cabinet and even hangs out at comet ping pong

Q. Going through JP twitter but found nothing on the day Rich was killed, also couple of days before and after. What time frame should we look into?

A. Image – Podesta bus – there you go… look into SEIU hangouts around where Seth was murdered.

Comment – he’s nobody don’t worry about him go to sleep

A. ya think you’re hot shit, dontcha?

Q. do you have any details on podesta/huma that isn’t commonly known?

A. yeah Tony and Johnn Podesta’s mother bought over 25 child slaves who were used and abused by the Podesta bros and their friends, then dumped/sold/killed. Their insanity goes WAY back.

The mother procured kids for Bill while Podesta worked for him, which is how he got so high up so fast. As for Huma… I mean where would someone start? It’s all out there. Huma

A. he’s also missing his top teeth so sometimes he puts in sharp teeth and uses them to bite children. Pictures and videos exist.

Q. Anon, this sounds way over the top. It’s too over the top for anyone to believe without super solid evidence, like they had on John Wayne Gacy.

A. there’s info sprinkled out there, and DC pedos all called her mama podesta

Anon also posted this photo of Podesta and Steven Colbert, bff

Q. please give us some more info. are they part of a cult? how did they get started on this crazy fucked up shit?

A. The cult they’re in is some sort of Thelemic bullshit. Ordo Templi Orientis, or some even darker derivative. Largely based on Kabballah.

I have met O.T.O. cultists who are definitely too stupid and disorganized to run a serious criminal enterprise. That doesn’t mean that the cultists that I met were a representative sample. Also, even if the O.T.O. is incompetent at crime, a competent criminal would find it very easy to use them as them as a front.

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