Dozens of minor stories do not add up to a breathtaking revelation.

I am not reporting on and speculating about the fact that Sweden is not prosecuting Assange. The UK still wants to arrest him. Not much has changed. Dozens of minor stories do not add up to a breathtaking revelation.

It appears that Monsanto has an army of shills for publicity and propaganda:

Neighbors of organic farmers claim that weeds must be defoliated, regardless of how much organic farm is harmed:

You can incite the killing of whites and keep your professor job:

Civilian warehouse workers are wearing powered exoskeletons.

People who hate Christianity enjoy mocking it.

Modern society is dominated by psychopaths.

The Grameen Bank’s Yunus apparently resorted to corruption.

Veteran soldiers commit suicide.

McCabe shielded Clinton.

Whites have been pretending to be Indians for a long time.

Rand Paul still resents Obama.

Everybody is still angry about Seth Rich.

Didacts gonna didact. Which actually means they ramble on about how much they love powerlifting.

Organ traffickers gonna traffick.


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