Men Going Their Own Way By Committing Suicide: the Cases of Corey Walgren and Jacob Ryan Delgadillo

The Men Going Their Own Way phenomenon has always seemed to be an entropic disintegration rather than a social movement or budding revolution.

Theodore Beale, with his usual contempt for everything that is not Theodore Beale, has said that every Man Going His Own Way is in fact a Man That Has Been Sent On His Way.  MGTOWs get rejected by society and frequently get subjected to more social pressure than anyone could hope to resist.  The men who have abundant social resources don’t go MGTOW.  If you are rich and have a team of lawyers, you can fight legal harassment head on; you don’t go MGTOW, you go to court.

Anyone who has never experienced the persecution of prosecution is likely to think that he would surmount every challenge.  The fact is that the police have overwhelming force at their disposal, and they feel free to use it against isolated targets who don’t have an army of lawyers behind them.

This post details two stories – one of man who went his own way because he had no allies, and another of a man who didn’t need to go his own way because he had lawyers and social connections to guard his back.

Here is the story of Corey Walgren:

It took school and police officials just a few minutes to extinguish 16-year-old Corey Walgren’s promising future. All they did was utter two words: child pornography.

Corey, a junior at Naperville North High School in Naperville, Illinois, was a perfectly normal, social, good-looking 16-year-old. He was an honor roll student with dreams of attending a Big Ten college. He had typical interests for a teenager boy: hockey, fishing, and, yes, girls.

Corey committed suicide in January, just hours after a school resource officer confronted him about an alleged illegal item on his cell phone—a recording of Corey having sex with a female classmate. The girl had informed a dean at the school that she believed Corey had played the recording for his friends (it’s not clear whether he did), which prompted the authorities to summon Corey to the principal’s office. They called his mother and told both of them that Corey was being investigated for possession of child pornography.

Corey left the meeting, headed to a nearby parking garage, and jumped.

Naperville police suspected that Corey — who had no criminal history and had never been in serious trouble at school — had video on his phone of a consensual sexual encounter with a 16-year-old classmate and possibly played it for friends.
At lunchtime, he was called into the dean’s office.
There, with a police officer and campus dean, Corey was questioned about possessing and possibly sharing “child pornography,” allegedly threatened that he’d be put on the state’s sex offender registry, then was left alone to wait for his mother.
It does not appear any pornographic images were found on the teen’s phone, but it did contain a file with audio of the sexual encounter. Police did not intend to pursue charges, records show, and they indicated they wanted to handle the matter in a way that ensured Corey understood the seriousness of his actions and how it affected his classmate.
Yet Corey left school after the confrontation, walked nearly a mile to downtown Naperville and committed suicide by falling from the top of a parking deck.

“I think they wanted to scare him straight,” Maureen Walgren said. “Instead, they scared him to death.”

Note, however, that sex with minors doesn’t have to get punished if the sex offender is a police officer:

A former Houston Independent School District police officer accused of fondling a 14-year-old student at the school where he worked will spend five years on probation after pleading guilty Wednesday to having an improper relationship with a student.
Jacob Ryan Delgadillo, 30, was charged with two felony counts of indecency with a child, accused of having the girl perform oral sex on him and fondling her at Cullen Middle school on Nov. 18, 2015….

Facing a possible punishment of 20 years in prison, he agreed to spend five years on deferred adjudication, a form of probation that means he will not have a conviction on his record if he successfully completes the probation. He also will not have to register as sex offender.
If he violates the terms, which include not contacting the girl or having any contact with minors, he could be sentenced to the maximum punishment.
His attorney, Paul Aman, declined to comment after the brief hearing. …
Prosecutor Jennifer Stabe said the girl’s family, who were not in court Wednesday, were satisfied with the result.
Stabe said the two counts of indecency with a child were dismissed as part of the plea. The charge of improper relationship with a student means Delgadillo admitted only to placing the girl’s hand on his genitals.
During the fall of 2015, Delgadillo apparently raised suspicion when a teacher saw him looking for the girl through a classroom window and blowing kisses at her.
The girl told a teacher that she had performed oral sex on him in the girls’ bathroom on campus.

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