Stroll away from knife-wielding terrorists, while holding your beer; Gerard Vowls will throw the chairs

According to the British press, Gerard Vowls, Cockney bloke, threw chairs and bottles at knife-wielding jihadis as they stabbed British people. (Of course, he didn’t say “threw,” he said “frew.”)

Vowls was reportedly on his way home from a “football” game. This suggests that Britain could be safe from terror if only it could arrange to have football supporters patrolling its streets.

Some people are angry that a London guy didn’t bother to drop his beer while running away.

Heck, if a terrorist is coming at you with a knife, you’re better off with a thick, solid glass mug in one hand. You can punch a guy with a glass mug and you’re more likely to break his face before you break the glass. Even if you do break the glass, you’re going to cut the guy up.

This blogger was indignant:

My take is that British people are going to do what they please, and they are not likely to listen to reason, so you might as well celebrate the British people that have already decided to do the things you approve of.

The leftist media may be celebrating the beer-drinker because they don’t like Cockneys, or perhaps they don’t like violent white people.

At any rate,

British source:

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