AG Sessions promises to prosecute crimes against children but does not specifically mention Pizzagate

ATLANTA (AP) – U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday that one of his top priorities is investigating and prosecuting sex crimes against children despite technology that has made it easier for criminals to avoid detection.

Sessions spoke to police and prosecutors gathered in Atlanta for a conference on child exploitation, including child pornography and sex trafficking. Sessions, a former prosecutor in Alabama, acknowledged the challenges law enforcement face, including technology that allows predators to go undetected while phones and tablets make it easier to reach young children.
“Nothing less than a united effort will be enough to keep our children from becoming victims of exploitation,” Sessions said. “It will take all of us – investigators, prosecutors and victim support specialists; teachers, parents and concerned citizens.”
Sessions warned predators they will be found and prosecuted, citing recent federal cases that involved law enforcement working across state lines in Alabama and Georgia to arrest 29 people suspected of possession and distribution of child pornography, and a Kansas child pornography distribution case prompted by several callers to a police tip-line.

In a few days, AG Sessions is supposed to deliver a report on international human trafficking. Pizzagate should be mentioned.

In related news, 8ch offered the following investigation into Austrian child abuse:

Unfortunately the entire Natascha Kampusch case from 2006 has been forgotten about for the most part.
Yet, especially in times of Pizzagate it is something that should get some attention again.
Since most information is only available in German I will write this down to give you an idea how this entire case is a pizzagate style case which involves high officials.
Priklopil, the kidnapper of Natascha Kampusch, who, according to the official story, held her in his basement on his own. Officially no one else but Priklopil was involved into this in any way.
This is where it gets weird:
>2.3 Criticism of investigating authorities
Read this part to get a basic idea why the official story most likely is bullshit.
When Priklopil originally abducted Kampusch, he stopped the van at some point, told her he is expecting a call after which he will hand her over to others, went outside of the van for a while after which he came back into the van and told her “they won’t come”. From the police protocol.
This is obvious evidence that he did not act on his own and there definitely were others involved into this entire thing. However, the final police report still was that he did act on his own and there was absolutely no one else involved.
So, who were those “others”?
We most likely do know this.
Priklopils best friend and businesspartner was Ernst Holzapfel. At the time of the abduction in 1998 Priklopil received a transaction of 36.300€ by Holzapfel which, to this day, is left unexplained.
Here comes the most important part:
Continuing with Holzapfel: There were two interesting phone numbers Holzapfel had saved in his phone:
1. A sex-shop owner of the city he lived in
2. Peter Birkmayer under the name “Be Kind Slow”
Peter Birkmayer is a high ranking military officer with ties to lots of high official politicians and others in Austria.
Here is a photo of him with Herbert Scheibner, Austrian politician.
In 2008 there was an investigation against Peter Birkmayer for allegations of him owning child pornography.
▶Anonymous 06/07/17 (Wed) 09:15:31 916a8b No.10041869>>10042773 >>10044437
So, you may ask what this person has to do with the abduction of Kampusch.
Here is where it gets REALLY interesting:
Holzapfel used to regulary call the sex-shop owner, and then call Birkmayer right afterwards. Or the other way around. But he regulary called those right after each other.
UNTIL when Natascha Kampusch fled Priklopil. When Kampusch was free the calls between Holzapfel and those two people abruptly stopped and there was not a single more call between them since then.
When Holzapfel was questioned about this he made an extremely absurd explanation of him and the sex shop owner swapping phones for some while implying it was not him who did these calls.
Regardless of how absurd this claim is there were no further investigations towards Holzapfels involvement into this entire case.
Both, Birkmayer and Holzapfel claim to not know each other (regardless of the phonecalls made between them).
There are claims on the internet that “be kind slow” was some child porn forums username. (Which would explain why that was the name Birkmayer was saved under on Holzapfels phone.
Franz Kröll:
Franz Kröll was a police chief investigator who re-investigated the earlier Natascha Kampusch investigations and pointed out several things that did not sum up and were very suspicious.
He was known for being the exact opposite of a corrupt police investigator and told his brother that he is onto something big.
Shortly after this he was found dead in his house. Official story saying it was suicide. A notebook in which Kröll used to write down his thoughts about current investigations just dissapeared and was never found. The suicide note was unspecified and just was some casual “blabla depression blabla” suicide note.
His brother got an university professor to check dead body of Kröll and it turned out that the professor found out the bullet entered Krölls head from the right to the left side of the head, while officially the gun was held with his left hand, which has been proven by dust being on his left hand.
This means he wouldve had to shoot his right sleeve with his left hand. Which is obviously completely unrealistic.
The Professor, Peter Leinzinger, does support Krölls brothers claims that it most likely was not suicide.
In 2012-2013 even the American FBI was involved into the investigations, god knows why they’d be involved in a child molestation/abduction case in Austria, 4.000 miles away from them.
These investigations ended with the claim that all of this was just done by Priklopil and there is absolutely nothing more to the entire thing.
That was the last official investigation ever done on this case.
Before Priklopils suicide he spent 6 hours driving around with Holzapfel and an unidentified 3rd person whose DNA has been found on an ice tea bottle inside of the car and on the passenger seats door knob.
After the 6 hour drive (which according to Holzapfel consisted of Priklopil confessing to him what he has done) Priklopil laid down on train tracks and “killed himself” according to the official story.
This entire case has TONS of unexplained stuff to it which has just been completely ignored by investigators. As well as ties to others which have also just been ignored. Ties going as high as high ranking military officers.
There is way more weird suspicious stuff about this but listing all of it would make this post endless so I just summed up some of the most interesting and meaningful things.
This is literally the Austrian pizzagate, but unlike Pizzagate it’s not just assumptions based on some vague speculation but instead something that is filled with highly suspicious evidence.

▶Anonymous 06/07/17 (Wed) 09:18:30 916a8b No.10041879
Aside from the links I already gave here is another interesting read if you are interested in this:
She is most likely shielding at least one or more other involved people. Most likely because they do still put pressure on her. Which is easy if you are in extremely high positions.

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