On 7 June 2017, the Internet investigated two murders from 1987. Clinton’s Mena cocaine operation was implicated.

In 1987, a 17-year-old boy named Kevin Ives was murdered in the woods along with his best friend Don Henry. Kevin Ives’ mother Linda Ives has sought justice for her son for three decades and has now turned to the internet for help.
Kevin Ives’ murder remains unsolved and may represent one of the most expansive government murder cover-ups of all time.
The case begins in a small town in Arkansas under Governor Bill Clinton, follows him into the White House, and continues to be suppressed and stonewalled today.
So now Linda Ives has reached out to the internet in a desperate plea for help.
It just might work. More on that at the end. (Click here to skip ahead)
But first, to understand the plight of Linda Ives we have to take a trip back in time to a warm August night in Arkansas.


The Murder of Kevin Ives

Crooked Creek

Alexander, Arkansas was founded in 1887 in Saline County as a construction camp for the nearby railroad. A century later, that same railroad was the site of the murder of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, who set out to go hunting on a Saturday night in August 1987.
At 4:25 AM on August 23, a northbound Union Pacific train ran over the bodies of the two teenagers as they laid motionless on the railroad. The train screeched to a halt on a stretch of track just before the Crooked Creek bridge.
Train engineer Stephen Shroyer was helpless to stop the 6000 ton cargo train as it barreled toward the boys:
From the time that we had placed the train into an emergency position and laid down on the horn, I would estimate about three to five seconds to impact. And that may not sound like a very long period of time, but when you’re bearing down a couple of children, it’s an eternity, honestly.
State and local police were on the scene in a matter of minutes. They immediately treated the investigation as a joint suicide.
The objections of Shroyer and the rest of the train’s crew fell on deaf ears.

A Crooked Town

What the crew witnessed that night in 1987 was a gruesome scene even before the train made impact.
Kevin Ives and Don Henry’s already lifeless bodies were wrapped together in a translucent green tarp and placed on the train tracks, their .22 caliber hunting rifle laid off to the side.
Local Police Investigating the Kevin Ives and Don Henry Murder SiteThe initial investigation was so seemingly haphazard that Kevin Ives’ severed foot was left behind at the scene. Saline County Sheriff Jim Steed praised his police force for their “thorough” investigation.
While Kevin’s foot remained, other key pieces of evidence had been removed.
The hospital where the boys’ bodies were taken kept no records of their presence there. A medical report that stated that the boys blood was very thick and “looked like it lacked oxygen” was left out of the case file, which would contradict the claim they were alive on impact.
The official autopsy made no mention of how badly beaten-in Kevin’s skull was nor of how Don had been stabbed in the back. And according to local police, there was no green tarp and no hunting rifle.
Arkansas State Medical Examiner Fahmy Malak
Fahmy Malak
Where evidence had vanished, damaged and falsified evidence appeared in its place.
Arkansas State Medical Examiner Dr. Fahmy Malak mutilated Kevin Ives’ skull so severely that it was impossible to tell where the original skull fractures were.
Malak ruled that the boys had smoked twenty joints, fallen asleep on the tracks and had committed “accidental” suicide. Years later, the L.A. Times would publish a list of over twenty felony cases in which Dr. Malak had falsified evidence.
He is one of the first in a long line of government officials that colluded to cover up what really took place that night.

Drugs, Lies, and Audiotape

Small Cessna AirplaneFor the residents of Saline County that lived near the railroad tracks by Crooked Creek, the sound of passing trains had always been a fact of life. What puzzled them was a different sound.
They were woken up not by the sounds of trains but of airplanes, flying only a few hundred feet overhead in the middle of the night. Saline County police seemed uninterested in investigating their complaints.
Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon
The inquiry into the deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry had come and gone. An out-of-state pathologist discovered how severely Dr. Malak had damaged and concealed forensic evidence, so a grand jury investigation was ordered.
Led by special prosecutor Dan Harmon, that investigation was closed, the records sealed, and the jury given life-long gag orders just a few months later.
The airplanes, though, were still flying over Crooked Creek. And while the local police didn’t care to look into it, there were still a few good cops left in Arkansas.
Jean Duffy led a newly-created Drug Task Force in Saline County beginning in 1990 and John Brown was a detective charged with re-opening the Ives/Henry case in 1993.
To make a very long story short, both were threatened by their higher-ups not to look into government corruption or the murder case. Neither heeded the warning, and through their work we know what may have really happened on August 23, 1987.
Kevin Ives Don Henry Confidential Informant Audio TapeThe smoking gun is a recorded testimony from a confidential informant, who testified that Kevin and Don were murdered for witnessing a government-sponsored drug drop that night on the railroad tracks.
The man who allegedly led the drop operation was none other than prosecutor Dan Harmon, who would later have himself appointed prosecutor in the boys’ own grand jury trial.

The Clinton Connection

An Orchestrated Cover-Up

The list of law enforcement officers and other government officials who contributed to the cover-up of the Ives/Henry murder is a long one.
Jean Duffy
Jean Duffy
There’s Gary Arnold, Jean Duffy’s immediate supervisor, who warned her on the first day of heading the Drug Task Force not to look into anyone or anything connected to the government.
There’s the high-ranking Arkansas state official who told John Brown to leave the murder of Ives and Henry alone.
There’s State Medical Examiner Dr. Malak, whose destruction of evidence and false testimony were crucial to the initial dismissal of the case.
And, of course, there’s Dan Harmon who led the drug drop operation according to the audiotape, had himself named special prosecutor of the boys’ trial, and shut it down within the year.
But even the higher-ups have higher-ups, and in 1987 the buck stopped at then-governor Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton as Governor of ArkansasIt is no secret that Clinton defended and even championed Dr. Malak throughout the case. Despite tremendous public outcry, he and his State Commissioner Jocelyn Elders not only failed to remove Dr. Malak from his post, they gave him a raise.
Elders praised Malak, saying “Based on the facts I have I think that Arkansas really owes Dr. Malak a great debt.” When asked if he would remove Malak, Clinton said, “I don’t think that’s a decision I should make based on what I now know.”
It’s unclear what privileged information about the case Clinton and Elders are referring to.
According to Linda Ives, the Clinton connection to the case runs much deeper still:
  • Robert Shepherd, Clinton’s state drug czar, interfered with three separate investigations into the boys’ deaths.
  • The Arkansas State Democratic Party Chairman, Lib Carlisle, called the state capital to call off the state police investigation of the boys’ murders.
  • Don Birdsong, the state police investigator in charge of the case in 1989, conducted a sham investigation and was awarded a position as the Arkansas State Police liaison to Clinton’s office.
  • The state crime lab acting directors, who were appointed by Clinton himself, told their subordinates in the lab not to conduct specific tests on the evidence.
But the Clinton crime connection doesn’t just stop at the cover-up of two teenagers in Arkansas.

High(er) Crimes

Linda Ives filed a lawsuit on August 24, 2016 that explains why Clinton and the officials under him would go through so much trouble for so long to conceal, stonewall, and ultimately bury the true events of August 23, 1987.
CIA LogoThe suit claims that Bill Clinton was at the center of a massive CIA drug smuggling campaign operating out of Arkansas, helped launder the drug money, and even took a cut of the profits.
Kevin Ives and Don Henry witnessed events that, if revealed, would forever de-legitimize the Clinton crime dynasty that (allegedly) persists even today through the Clinton Foundation and the murder of Seth Rich.
In the suit, Ives states:
  • The Mena airport (near Saline County) was the command post of the biggest drug smuggling operation in the United States, importing $100 million per month in cocaine into Mena.
  • The money was laundered through the AFDA, a bonding agency that Governor Clinton had created to help small businesses get started.
  • Terry Reed, who trained pilots for Barry Seal, the infamous Mena drug smuggler, met with Clinton’s aide Bob Nash and the emissary for the head of the CIA at a bunker in Camp Robinson, Arkansas.
  • In November 1996, a CIA inspector general’s report was declassified which admitted that the CIA had been at Mena for routine aviation related services, that L.D. Brown, an Arkansas State policeman assigned to security at the Arkansas’ governor mansion, had been a candidate for CIA employment in 1994 at the suggestion of Bill Clinton and the CIA had limited contact with Seal and installed cameras on his plane.


At the heart of Ives’ lawsuit is the three decades of stonewalling and suppression that have followed the case.
Tyopographical Error FOIA Request
A FOIA request from Ives returned empty due to a “typographical error”, courtesy of Russia Insider
The FBI is believed to have 17,000 documents related to the Ives/Henry murder. Only a fraction of those have been released, all of which have been heavily or completely redacted.
The number of FOIA requests about the murder of Kevin Ives and Don Henry that have gone unanswered are too many to list here. As a result, Linda Ives is suing almost every major alphabet agency in the United States.
Lately, strange delays and coincidences are taking place that are reminiscent of those in Saline County. Since the suit was filed in August 2016, two judges both recused themselves from the case, one after the other.
The government filed a motion to dismiss in November and the Ives family attorney responded to that motion in mid-December. However, the government must respond to their response for the case to move forward. They haven’t. And Linda Ives finds herself up against another roadblock in her long fight to find justice for her son.

The Internet

4Chan and Reddit

Linda Ives Pol Timestamp
Linda Ives reaches out to /pol/
Linda Ives’ fight has spanned three decades. During that time, public support for her cause has waxed and waned.
Dedicated researchers and writers have kept the case alive on the internet, but public awareness is at a low. In order to pressure the government into action, Linda Ives needs public support now more than ever.
On May 30th, Linda Ives reached out for help on the 4Chan board /pol/. She probably broke some unkept internet record about age, gender, and posting on 4Chan. /pol/ received her with relative warmth and her post there has heated up interest in the cold case once again.
Reddit’s /r/conspiracy subreddit has officially stepped up to give Linda a voice and Ives will be hosting an AMA there today, June 7, at 7PM EST.


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1 Response to On 7 June 2017, the Internet investigated two murders from 1987. Clinton’s Mena cocaine operation was implicated.

  1. Leanne Caster says:

    Please contact your governors and our justice departments to help Linda Ives to bring this case to court. They and other families have been denied the right for justice by those in authority when this happened and if they do not go after those involved NOW then they are still being denied their rights. I have attempted to call the governor of Arkansas even though I am not a resident of Arkansas but no one answered and the voice mail box is full. Imagine if this happened to your family and those who were supposed to be helping you, those who you may have voted in office, those who you pay taxes too are the ones denying your rights or worse may have been part of the crime. Bill Clinton gave the coroner a raise and did not fire him after proof that his findings were grossly false. Explain why he would do that??? If we do not force them to open this case wide open then WE as fellow citizens are also denying their right to have their murderers brought to justice.

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