Reality Winner got a security clearance because she served in uniform, but union workers with bad credit cannot get clearances

Feast your eyes on Reality Winner. She is young, she is female, she is leftist to a politically correct degree, and she served in a military uniform. Thus she got a security clearance, even though she is not particularly interested in upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. Security clearances are supposed to be about trustworthiness, but in fact they are about supporting a narrative that the elites favor. Uniformed warfighters can get clearances easily, and they can usually keep them, but the problem with warfighters is that they are often idealists. Given a choice between doing what is believed to be right and doing what is legal – an idealist doesn’t think twice.

The USA does not care about fighting wars. The USA does not care about physical reality. The USA — particularly its political leaders — are interested in expressing a NARRATIVE. That narrative seldom overlaps with the observable facts of the world, but when the world disagrees with the narrative, the elite unanimously declare that the world must be wrong.

So far as the elites can tell, their imaginings create the world that everyone lives in. The elite’s whims lead to events, and the elite are convinced that their whims and their narrative CAUSED those events. In fact, they are deluded degenerates, but they won’t wake up to that fact as long as they are in power.

Currently we have a bit of tension because the USA says that it wants to patrol the world’s oceans. In fact it doesn’t. It wants to hand out security clearances and spend money. Patrolling the ocean is just a waste of time. Consider the North Korea situation:

The US aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan and Carl Vinson deployed to the Sea of Japan amid tensions around North Korea, withdrew from the area, media reported Thursday. …
The Carl Vinson carrier and its strike group including two destroyers and a cruiser was initially to the area close to North Korea in April in response to the repeated ballistic missile tests by the country. Since then, the situation around Pyongyang escalated further with several more missile launches by North Korea including the most recent on May 29. The launches were carried out by Pyongyang in violation of the UN resolutions.

The USA isn’t willing to start a war with North Korea. It can move its ships around, but they don’t fool anyone. They are a very expensive symbolic gesture, and defense contractors got paid a lot to make the gear. It isn’t meant to work in combat. It’s meant to boost the profits of defense contractors.


The CBO estimates that the annual cost of operating a 355-ship fleet would be $94 billion. Today, the 245-ship fleet costs $56 billion. Where will an extra $38 billion come from?

And it’s not just the lack of money that is a problem; it is the lack of an adequate industrial base to build the new influx of ship orders. After years of making less than 10 ships per year it cannot be expected to see a rapid increase in the number of ships under construction at one time.

No magic wand or bucket of cash will change this overnight. Building aircraft carriers and submarines requires a skilled labor force and while the shipyards today are designed to handle the current level it will take years to acquire and train the additional shipbuilders. And that process can’t even begin to start until there are more ship orders.

Another potential issue is the granting of security clearances to workers who will build the growing fleet.

Reuters reported that many union members are unable to obtain the required clearances, especially as far as submarine construction is concerned. In fact, General Dynamics Electric Boat begun developing its own grass roots campaign to secure future workers. Partnering with local schools in Connecticut and Rhode Island, Electric Boat is hoping to train its future submarine workers before they even are hired.

Comment from user at link:

I live near a sub base and know lots of people that work for the Navy and private contactors building and refurbishing boats and subs. We will never be able to maintain the workforce needed if the DoD doesn’t relax it’s rules on drug testing for marijuana and change the focus on your credit score/banking habits. 2 years ago, one agency had 180 new hires that turned into 38 permanent employees. Most failed drug tests bc of weed, about 25% failed the credit score requirements, and the rest quit going to training. This is a well paid job with full benefits and people just won’t quit smoking.

I have a solution for this that might make everyone happy.

First, go through the defense contractors and exile everyone who has bad credit or fails a drug test. Don’t just fire them – put them on planes and send them to Russia. “You like smoking pot and borrowing money? Let’s see if Comrade Putin is willing to put up with your heathen ways!”

Next, draft all the workers with good credit and clean drug records, and FORCE them to work on the submarines. They will resent being enslaved. They might even sabotage their products. But damn it, you will be taking a stand against the evils of marijuana and union labor.

Of course, because clean drug records don’t grant workers the power to work on submarines, the end products will probably have to be scrapped, and the USA will have to give up on its plan of expanding its fleet. This is no great loss, because the USA can’t build decent ships any more. Their sailors refer to the Littoral Combat Ship as “Little Chance of Survival.” The USA is not smart enough to be a naval power, but it is smart enough to outlaw weed and bad credit scores.

Then the admirals can go to the Beltway elites and complain: “We don’t have enough ships to execute our missions!” And the elite can say, “You might believe that ships have objective reality. But the fact is, we’re an empire now, and we create our own reality. And you can try to judiciously observe details – like, whether the navy has 300 ships or 100 ships – but by the time you observe that, we’ll have moved on and we’ll already be creating a new reality.”

Meanwhile the rest of the world will have picked up the slack and the USA will no longer patrol the world’s oceans. So most people will be happy. The pot smoking union laborers will have to settle in Siberia, and maybe they will die, but the USA loves killing pot smokers, so that should fit their narrative.

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