Is it a gang war, or a civil war? It’s happening in Austin, Texas

A /pol/itician wrote:

/pol/ I need your help. We recently got into a brawl with around 20 antifa to protect the patrons of a small cafe in Austin. The local antifas have been harassing this establishment for over a year because it;s owned by whites in a typically brown part of town. Yesterday we intercepted them before they could intimidate the owners/patrons and protected them from harassment. Video of the incident below:
The video is from the antifa fb page and they conveniently cut out where they tried to intimidate people, where we beat their ass, and where we took some of their signs and sticks. They also cut out after the video ends when the police show up and arrest and taze a few of them, and when about 8 more of our group members showed up.
The restaurant was successfully defended, but this morning it was found to have been tagged overnight with pics related.

Subsequent posters identified the street gang in question.

Ocean View
5-9 Brims (San Diego)
The 5-9 Brims also known as the 5-Nine Brims or South Side Brims (SSB), are primarily an african-american Blood gang located in the Ocean View Hills (Ocean Crest) neighborhood in the Southeast region of San Diego, California.The 5-Nine Brims formerly known as the Central City Gangsters, originated around 40th Street and Ocean View Blvd, in the mid-1970’s.

The thread archived below has an mp4 that I can’t embed here. Note these screenshots.

Note that some of the white antifas are provoking violence with cameras. The antifas are wearing masks; the normal people are not. The antifas seem to be planning to initiate violence and capture it on video. What kind of publicity strategy or propaganda strategy could be worth the risk of incriminating themselves?

So it appears that white antifa have links to nonwhite street gangs. That is remarkably interesting for people who speculate about a new civil war in the USA.

In case you haven’t read such speculations, here is an old book by Thomas W. Chittum about the possibility of a white-versus-nonwhite civil war in the USA.


And here is the 8ch thread:

And here is the antifa side of the story:

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