Link fusillade for Grenfell

Jeff Sessions wants to keep fighting a war on marijuana:

The USA sends ~4000 troops to Afghanistan to keep the opium flowing:

The USA is divided:

The Clintons sold uranium to Russia:

Cops are on power trips and teenage girls are sensitive:

The DOJ warns people not to trust anonymous sources:

Making poor farmers suffer is bad:

Amazon will acquire Whole Foods:

Amazon owns WaPo and is owned by a plutocrat sucking up to the CIA:

Amazon can poison people with powdered lead:

Killing people with bad water leads to manslaughter charges in the USA:

Now that police have cameras, they are trying to keep the footage secret:

Professor teaches caveman skills to kids who have never cracked an egg:

Conspiracy theory is often an insult leveled at whistle-blowing:

Whistle-Blowers, not “Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorists”

Alleged anti-semitism is often instigated by Jewish hoaxers:

Seth Rich evidence is vanishing:

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