Israel, Democrats, and Sex Trafficking

A recent release of investigation reports regarding sex trafficking have sparked allegations of Democrat involvement.

Channers are trying to link Democrat vote fraud to Mexican cartels. It remains to be seen whether their arguments will hold up to scrutiny.

Various sources on the chans have been rallying the channers regarding Pizzagate/Pedogate.

Note that Israel does not feature prominently in the recent release, but Mossad-watchers suspect that it is involved in organized crime in the USA.

Recall Operation Bid Rig III:

Organ trafficking[edit]
Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn was alleged to have been conspiring to arrange the sale of an Israeli citizen’s kidney for $160,000.[1] According to the complaint, Rosenbaum told the cooperating witness that he had been involved in the illegal sale of kidneys for 10 years. Acting US Attorney Ralph Marra said “His business was to entice vulnerable people to give up a kidney for $10,000 which he would turn around and sell for $160,000”. Anthropologist and organ trade expert Nancy Scheper-Hughes claimed that she had informed the FBI that Rosenbaum was “a major figure” in international organ smuggling 7 years ago, and that many of Rosenbaum’s donors had come from Eastern Europe. This is the first organ trafficking case in U.S. history. In October 2011, Rosenbaum plead guilty to three counts of organ trafficking and one count of conspiracy.[9]

A recent disclosure regarding sex trafficking in the 1980s:

Disobedient Media …releases 102 pages from the New York State Select Committee On Crime. The document describes an investigation into child pornography and human trafficking by two detectives from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police. The findings were presented to officials on July 26, 1982.


Various names were named, but the perpetrators of the 1980s crimes are now quite old, and the core of the criminal enterprise is probably currently in the hands of younger men.

Historical background:


The National Council for the Child welcomed the arrest of Avinoam Braverman and called on government ministries to take steps to prevent pedophiles from trapping children on the Web.
“We have been saying for a long time that Israel is a pedophile’s paradise and everyone said we were exaggerating,” council head Yitzhak Kadman said.

Tyson Foods smuggles people:

Clinton, Arkansas, and organized crime:

The Finders:

The problem of “recovered memory”:

The Porter case and others at the time brought to light a new investigative technique which has been referred to as repressed or recovered memory. This psychological tool has been used in a number of cases prosecuting pedophiles and child abusers. This novel approach has not yet been proven to be scientifically valid. When this method is used without additional objective and corroborating evidence, wrongful accusations and prosecutions can result. This problem is well documented in an article written by Lawrence Wright in the May 24, 1993, edition of New Yorker Magazine. In this article, Mr. Wright describes how, in some cases, after additional research was done, this “recovered memory” method was shown to be flawed, causing those cases to fall apart and resulting in the needless and unwarranted destruction of the family.
As heinous as these crimes of sexual exploitation of children are, an over zealous uninformed law enforcement agency or prosecutor, who uses less than scientific investigative methods to conduct a “witch hunt,” can wreak havoc on our society. Abusive, unwarranted prosecutions based on unscientific and improper investigative methods used by police and prosecutors do not help to provide any real solution to this problem of the criminal sexual exploitation of children. Rather, they consume valuable and very limited resources and help allow many offenders to continue their crimes against children un-abated. This novel approach “recovered memory” is an interesting new method, but it must be closely monitored until it is an exact science, and there must be additional corroboration with its use in any prosecution.

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