The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global (NGO)nongovernmental organization and a researcher thinks that it is linked to Pizzagate

A user onVoat called Commoner has written:

Who are the rescued?

They are refugees in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and the United States targeted by the IRC (International Rescue Committee).

The IRC is currently working in over 40 countries and 22 U.S. cities where it resettles refugees and helps them become self-sufficient. Recent work is in Haiti, the Congo, and Iraq. No surprises there!

  What and who is the IRC? 

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global (NGO)nongovernmental organization consisting of first responders, humanitarian relief workers, international development experts, health care providers, and educators.The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping to restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster.

The President of the International Rescue Committee is former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband who was one of the first refugee advocates to say the U.S. needed to take 65,000 Syrians, then upped his demands to 100,000 over two years. IRC is building “communities within communities” in 26 places in the US.

 What is the politics of the IRC?  

Overseers include: Madeline Albright (Clinton- State), Timothy Geithner (Obama – Treasury), William J. vanden Heuvel (father of democrat activist Katrina), Rhonda Weingarten (President, American Federation of Teachers), Scott Pelley (CBS news), Henry Kissinger, and William Winters (CEO of SP Plus**(more on CP Plus later)).

They voice anti-Trump policies as indicated by a few of their news stories:

“Four ways Trump budget cuts put America—and the world—at risk”

“Seven common myths about refugee resettlement in the United States”

 Who funds the IRC?  Mostly we do in one way or another, along with private donors 

According to a report on the IRC from Root Cause, a non-profit research and consulting firm, published in the Independent, only 14 percent of its funding came from private sources. Government grants and contracts, in contrast, accounted for 44 percent, foreign government grants and contracts 27 percent and 11 percent from UN agency grants and contracts

‘The IRC has annual revenue of more than $562 million and $378 million of that came from government grants, according to its most recent Form 990 filed with the IRS. That means IRC gets 67 percent of its budget funded by taxpayers in the U.S. and U.K. In November 2013, Miliband’s organization gave billionaire George Soros its highest award, the Freedom Award, and Soros responded by donating $1 million to the IRC.

 Is the IRC corrupt?  Yes    

First off, IRC is an NGO (non governmental organization) and as outlined by this Daily Caller article, NGOs are rife with corruption. If you read this article from the Daily Mail you will see he appeared to be laundering money meant for Syrian refugees through Turkey. “All the allegations relate to NGOs systematically overpaying for goods in Turkey. Examples included blankets and other basic materials for Syrians, humanitarian sources said”

Miliband is also a close friend of Hillary Clinton and was caught up in her email scandal after it emerged that confidential information which he had provided ended up in her unsecured private account

If you search on his organization, IRC “International Rescue Committee”, at the Clinton Foundation, you get 5 pages of results.

  What is the Connections to ‘cards'?  

One of Podesta’s emails had the following subject:

‘Important Briefing on THE REFUGEE Crisis and Middle East Instability”’

The email is an invitation to attend a briefing by a David Miliband who has been described by President Bill Clinton as “one of the ablest, most creative public servants of our time. David Miliband played critical policy roles in the governments of Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, including service as Foreign Secretary. Now the President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, Miliband is considered to be one of the most effective and passionate advocates for the world’s uprooted and poor people, and has been tasked with mitigating this horrific crisis.”

In order to attend the briefing, reception, and for-premium-members-only dinner, with Miliband, the invitee needed to respond using your UNIQUE eID .

“To RSVP, please call (212) 599-7040 or visit the event page online. ([UNIQID])”

(FYI – Government Employees are given instructions on how to activate and use their EIDs (or smart cards)–(Encryption-and-Digital-Signatures).aspx))

eIDs are also know as “electronic identification cards”

 Now, who is William Winters and what is SP Plus ?

William Winters is the CEO of SP Plus which is a company that specializes in Parking, Transportation, Facility Maintenance, Event Logistics and Security. Hmm…

If you look at this muckety map you will see that he has(d) connections with the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Lobby ( Glover Park Group), and the Clinton Global Advisory Firm (Teneo Holdings LLC)


The International Rescue Committee is an international elite and fraudulent organization, with many ties to the Clintons, (who incidentally have strong ties to a domestic transport company), that relocates refugees, many women and children, from chaotic regions in the world to various places in the United States at taxpayer’s expense. As many others have said, they are doing it right under our noses and we are footing the bill.

 A couple of other tidbits
  1. The IRC arrow logo looks similar to Hillary’s campaign arrow logo.
  2. The address to which to send donations is in Minnesota International Rescue Committee P.O. Box 6068, Albert Lea, MN 56007-9847
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