Carlton Meyer gives four links regarding the Deep State

Jun 19, 2017 – The Deep State

Many people think that covert “Deep State” rule is just a theory because there is no hard evidence. If one bothers to search the net, there are thousands of examples. Here are four good ones:

1. Early this year, a former editor of a major German newspaper died of a heart attack, shortly after he began promoting his book explaining how the American CIA controls all news in Germany and is foolishly promoting a war with Russia. Americans would find this fascinating, but CNN and the rest of big media will never cover this story.

2. Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura publicly complained on many occasions about CIA officers showing up at his state capitol to ask him questions about politics, and said there was a covert CIA officer filling an executive position in his state government!

3. When you have time for a long, insightful interview, watch this one with David K. Johnston. It has four parts, so you may jump to the 3rd segment about the “Deep State” if short on time.

4. Congressman Ron Paul recently expressed alarm at the growing power of the “Deep State”, his words. He noted that the supposed hostility between Republicans and Democrats disappeared when more mindless sanctions against Russia and Iran were proposed. They were passed last week with no debate and near unanimous votes in Congress.

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