Assume astrology is entirely delusional. How many irrational people need to believe in a delusion before it starts affecting political economy? And other reflections regarding May of 2018

I don’t take a lot of time to criticize astrology carefully. Few scientists have taken the trouble to try to address astrology with both intellectual rigor and fair-minded honesty. Michel Gauquelin and Nick Kollerstrom wrote their books, and if you care about the topic, you can read their books.

However, this post is premised on the idea that astrology has no basis in reality.

That doesn’t mean that astrology accomplishes nothing. Astrology can be entirely delusional, but desperate, irrational people can still use it as a rallying point.

With that in mind, I quote the following from the link below:

Uranus Ingress into Taurus 2018


…What might happen after the global economic depression of 2015 – 2017.

Time of writing 17 April 2015

If Uranus in Aries promoted the notion of ‘outrage’ and the desire for radical change, what is Uranus in Taurus set to bring? This article explores the nature of Uranus in the sign of Taurus and links the event to how recovery after the economic depression might look.

Uranus makes its first ingress into Taurus on 15 May 2018. The prospects of a global depression from late 2015 through to the end of 2017 appears inevitable; according to interpretations I and others have made using the planetary cyclic index devised by Gouchon, Barbault and Doolard. The calculation of the cyclic index is now supported by evidence of unsustainably high stock market figures in 2015 and late but welcome supporting predictions of independent conclusions from non astrological sources. In other words I believe we know where we are heading but rather than consider the event as the end of a journey (the global depression is fated no matter what we do at this stage), we should now begin to look more closely beyond the global depression to see what is on the other side and what we might benefit from understanding it.

Comment: This astrologer may have mixed ordinary economic cycle analysis into his astrology.

…Since the 2008 sub prime mortgage crash all but killed the entire global financial system, governments have attempted to bail out the banks by inventing money from out of nowhere, otherwise known as quantitative easing.

The investment banks caused the problem after the powers that be lobbied governments to ease banking regulation back in the 1990s. The banks then took bigger gambles and risks …

The financial system was mortally wounded. If governments let the banks fail there would have been severe losses all the way down the system right the way back to retirement pensions. So the governments decided to bail out the banks with tax payers money. But the tax payer is ultimately the consumer that keeps the capitalist machine going and the cost of bailing out the banks raised government deficits to new and unsustainable heights. …

So if the banks would not lend at reasonable rates (because they did not want to lend) and the consumer could not consume, the market would be doomed to collapse. This event, we believe will unfold from August of 2015. There will be a global depression that billions of people, in fact much of the 99%, are not prepared for, …

… The world is in the midst of a global financial reset (that hardly anyone knows about but is possibly the biggest news in the world right now) where the US Dollar will no longer be the world’s reserve currency. Instead there will be a basket of currencies,… By 2025 the power of the world will most likely shift from the West to the East. The global financial reset is in part a preparation for that shift.

The old regime will not go quietly. The US has made attempts to go to war with Syria ….

The above analysis appears to contain no astrology. I suspect everyone would agree with it.

Now comes the controversial part -historical anaysis in astological terms:

… People are also becoming wise to the notion that the political bias of corporate owned media is not the most ‘accurate’ source for objective and honest news.

… Uranus will enter Taurus in May 2018 through to July 2025.

Uranus and Neptune work as a pair. Uranus is to right wing politics and capitalism as Neptune is to left wing politics and liberalism / socialism. It is easy to see that the ideologies attributed to both planets can play out into the mantra of the ‘haves’ versus the ‘have nots’. As mentioned earlier, Neptune is strong in Pisces, a liberal planet in a socialist sign. Uranus is not so good in Taurus, a capitalist planet in a sign of personal values, which could be described for example as ‘chaos in finance’ or freedom from finance or how about chaos of personal values or, heaven forbid the freedom from personal values.

At the very best we could hope to use Uranus as a tool to reform or ‘reset’ our values. So it is not surprising that the global financial (Taurus) reset (Uranus) is likely to find it’s implementation while this configuration occurs.

So we should be able to see indications of things that have had a global impact in the past with direct references to reform, change, chaos, personal values, finance and wealth. Three previous ingresses should indicate if there is any credibility to what astrology says that Uranus in Taurus should facilitate in synergy.

Uranus ingress into Taurus 3 May 1767

…The Townshend Acts of 1767 sought to consolidate the right of Great Britain to raise taxes through the American colonies as they saw fit.

The Acts were met with strong resistance resulting in the Boston Massacre of 1770; a small affair concerning the unlawful death of five men by British soldiers…. some of the initiating factors that led to the US declaration of Independence in 1776 and therefore the paved the way for the rise of the United States of America

Here we see the theme of freedom from oppressive behaviour and personal values. …

Uranus ingress into Taurus 8 July 1850 [Gold Rush in California]

The 49ers were there first when Uranus was still in Aries.

In this example we can see tens of thousand of people brought together by the prospect of financial security; individuals fighting each other for something they hold as having personal value. …

Uranus ingress into Taurus 6 June 1934

The night of the long knives in Germany 1934. Hitler eliminates the opposition to clear his way to complete rulership over his people. …

Two common themes run through the last three Uranus ingresses:

Land. More specifically, resources and who owns it. In 1767 the British tried to claim America and make money from the resource created by the American people. In 1850 the rich, who were able to invest in prospecting for gold (and the odd lucky person) sought to possess power through the resource of gold and the State of California sought to exclude those they did not believe were deserving of it. Not only that but only two years prior the land was owned by Mexico. In 1934 Hitler sought to return the resources of the Fatherland back to his people and to exclude those he did not believe were deserving of it.

Freedom. In 1767 The people of America believed they had the right to determine their own lives and demanded freedom from British oppression and unfair taxes. In 1850 thousands of people left their homes to find the freedom that comes with wealth in a new land. If successful they would not longer be oppressed by the yolk of poverty, famine and servitude. In 1934 the people of Germany, and indeed all those who suffered in the great depression, sought freedom from the oppression created by the unfair distribution of money and power.

In the capitalist system we choose collectively to decide the values we place on objects , services and even our labour, the freedom we seek to do what we want is inevitably tied to the amount of money we have or can acquire.

The historical analysis seems to make some kind of sense, although I am not a historian, so I suspect many historians would have many criticisms of it.

The following bit is sheer technical astrology, details of squares and trines and other aspects:

So somewhere within these common threads, exist the predictions generated by Uranus in Taurus in 2018.

The Uranus ingress is on 15 May 2018 @ 4:17pm BST just a few hours from a new moon, also in Taurus. Mercury is conjunct Taurus (quick (Uranus) thinking (Mercury) or ‘free trade‘ perhaps). Mars is just out of sign in Capricorn but applies by returning square to Uranus and Neptune is semi square at midpoint between the two. Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune while Saturn in Capricorn applies by inconjunct to the North Node in Leo.

This is quite a powerful and dynamic chart, least of all because the Uranus (capitalism) semi square Neptune (liberalism) is in a hard aspect with Mars (action) that is just separating Pluto (status quo). If there are disagreements of this magnitude between the haves (Uranus) and the have nots (Neptune) then this chart would appear to be a recipe for lawlessness (Uranus), revolution (Neptune) and the need to control it (Mars conjunct Pluto). The North Node is in Leo, where the focus is on the self. The North Node is not only inconjunct to Saturn in Capricorn (administered regulation, structure, restriction) but semi square to Venus in Gemini (everyday finance and standard of living). Jupiter in Scorpio (secret or other people’s money) trines Neptune (equals money fraud) does not bode well for the health and well being of the 99%

The following claim seems to be a giant leap of presumption, unsupported by argument, so far as I can tell:

There will be lots of money lost through the stock market crash that leads to the global economic depression but the global financial reset will benefit only the 1% in the first instance. Just as examples in history before the recovery will be uneven with large swathes of people and countries not feeling the recovery. The potential for martial law in this chart is obvious but the control is of the people and not the money.

So astrology is about as reliable as one might expect, and arguments founded on astrology are of about the level of quality that one might expect.

However, I started this post with the assumption that astrology is entirely delusional. The quality of the argument is not the issue. The question is whether an irrational mob of panicky people will seize the astrological event as a signal for collective action.

Mobs of poor people might very well be persuaded to believe in astrology for a day or two, which would be long enough to mount a protest movement.

Advertisers trying to sell the public on the latest and greatest cryptocurrency might very well use the astrological event to sell their wares.

Prophets of disaster might very well seize on any coincidence to explain how their predictions have been fulfilled, and such prophets could spark social movements.

So – do the stars foretell anything for 15 May 2018? Certainly knowledge of human behavior foretells that humans will behave irrationally at all times, and the 15 of May, 2018, will provide more opportunities than usual for irrational excitement on the topic of political economy. With any luck, people will push for change. In the end, of course, I suspect that the stars are not going to do the necessary work for us.

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