Don’t trust Edward Luttwak




Long-time readers will probably know that Edward Luttwak is tied to known human rights violators such as Israel.


Not surprsingly, Luttwak is extremely dishonest, and his lies always seem to favor the Israeli angle.


For example, the USA currently experiences blowback from its indiscriminate brutality.  But Luttwak wants the USA to be the puppet of Israel.  Thus Luttwak wants the USA to idolize Israeli brutality, while ignoring USA war crimes.


Isegoria quotes some half-truths and lies from Luttwak:

Occupiers can thus be successful without need of any specialized counterinsurgency methods or tactics if they are willing to out-terrorize the insurgents, so that the fear of reprisals outweighs the desire to help the insurgents or their threats.

By contrast, the capacity of American armed forces to inflict collective punishments does not extend much beyond curfews and other such restrictions, inconvenient to be sure and perhaps sufficient to impose real hardship, but obviously insufficient to out-terrorize insurgents.

In the Vietnam police action, the USA cheerfully destroyed villages such as My Lai to save them. The USA also operated the Phoenix Program to develop its capacities for torture under the guise of interrogation. The USA has proven its superior firepower by dropping bombs on civilians. And when USA warfighters try to snitch about “collateral murder,” they get the Bradley Manning treatment, or worse.

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