Recall that Thomas Jefferson believed that secession was an appropriate political maneuver for dissidents; and recall that Jefferson did not actually wear mirrorshades

Many modern USA denizens decry secession as contrary to the laws of Nature.

 The following quote is from a historian who bucks the trend and mentions that Jefferson liked secession.

 The short of it is that Jefferson first came to continental attention with a 1774 pamphlet insisting that the colonies were distinct communities tied to Britain only via a common king; that pamphlet clearly implies that there was no colonial legal tie among the colonies at all.

Jefferson insisted on the principle of the states’ centrality in North American political life over and over and over, to the point of writing to a powerful political ally in 1799 mentioning that a “scission” (secession) was an option. As he put it then:

We are … determined … to sever ourselves from that union we so much value, rather than give up the rights of self-government which we have reserved….

Even though coming from the vice president of the United States, this ought to be no surprise: his Declaration of Independence declared precisely such a “scission” (that is, secession).

However, Jefferson never wore mirrorshades. That joke was old in the 1990s. It refers to the fact the Jefferson used cryptography to conceal his private mail. (Mirrorshades are cyberpunk, crypto is cyberpunk, thus mirrorshades are a reference to crypto.)

The moral of the story on this 4th of July is that every good Jeffersonian should encrypt private mail by whatever means might be at hand.

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