“we have the means expose it” [sic] Neon Nettle appears to quote Lavrov about pizzagate, but do you trust Neon Nettle – or Lavrov for that matter?


Neon Nettle wrote:

This week, Hamburg will play host to a historical meeting between world leaders Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on the fringe of the G20 summit.

Russian President Putin has made one thing clear; that Trump must “expose pedophiles in Washington D.C.” otherwise Russia will begin “naming names”.

According to Maxim Suchkov, a member of the Moscow-based Russian International Affairs Council, no specific agenda has been set for the meeting, however, a list of “deliverables” is due to be discussed including regional issues such as Ukraine and Syria, establishing military channels of communication, and economic relations, and the “child sex trafficking problem” in the US.

Kremlin spokesman and Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, highlighted some of the “deliverables” for the meeting to a Moscow audience:

“I proceed from the premise that Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump understand their national interests,”

“They want to overcome the current abnormality and start negotiating specific issues that affect bilateral relations, including business interests and the resolution of international problems.”

“The foundation of support for pedophilia within US politics is a global issue that must be eradicated.”

“This level of unethical corruption must be stopped, and we have the means expose it if the US Government is unwilling.”


Did Lavrov actually say that? Let’s assume he did.

The sentiment was probably popular with his audience.

Was Lavrov sincere, or was he just trying to please the crowd?

And who translated this from Russian? “We have the means expose it” should have been “we have the means to expose it.”

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3 Responses to “we have the means expose it” [sic] Neon Nettle appears to quote Lavrov about pizzagate, but do you trust Neon Nettle – or Lavrov for that matter?

  1. James says:

    I don’t know. This just doesn’t sound right.

    • Putin did a speech praising Christianity and denouncing pedophilia in very vague terms. It was not a specific “name and shame” operation that specified particular child abusers.

    • I found a youtube from 2016 in which Putin denounced pedophilia in general terms.

      However, I have yet to find anything suggesting that Putin is going to name specific names, such as Podesta.


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