PIZZAGATE ACCUSATION: Swordfish accuses by means of jpgs, youtube and vimeo links

A redditor has noted:

As a reminder, here is what swordfish threatened to release.
Documented evidence of musicians promoting and committing SRA, organ trafficking, with direct evidence of involvement: NOPE
Fully documented evidence of SRA locations in cities mentioned, and demands:** NOPE**, neither.
Full exposure of SRA locations owned by Fortune 500 bank: NOPE, not even mentioned.
All information pertaining to “revolver” and “gun” clubs in Los Angeles: NOPE, not even mentioned.
Evidence of pedophilia from ritual abuse club in LA, with list of musicians involved: Evidence given is this and a bunch of band posters. Gross photo, not even close to what he claimed though.
Exposure of art galleries involved in human trafficking ring: NOPE
Exposure of artists and journalists involved in NYC SRA and human trafficking: NOPE
Evidence of Hastert’s involvement in DC abuse ring: NOPE, Hastert isn’t even mentioned.
Full exposure of bands involved in “Arana/Spider” trafficking group: Oooh, sick spy name. NOPE, he doesn’t even mention this.

The following are the accusations made by Swordfish:

submitted 5 minutes ago by swordfish69
Evidence proves that Los Angeles-based musicians and record labels at heart of pedophile ‘pizza’ cult, and have been promoting it in videos, songs and events for years. Further proof indicates several musicians who passed through Comet Ping Pong are at the heart of the ring.
Since early November of this past year, few topics have been so inflammatory as allegations that a nightclub in Washington DC has been a haven for pedophilia and human trafficking. The claims, which seem outlandish at first, gained credibility when Instagram photos of the owner and his entourage seemed to promote sex and child abuse.
The larger topic of intrigue that online sleuths have thus far failed to crack is the whole ‘pizza-is-code’ debate regarding Comet Ping Pong. Detractors have criticized sleuths for calling it code, while those who continue to believe the veracity of Pizzagate see it as a byword for everything from pedophilia to serialized ritual abuse.
After extended research, I can safely prove that occult rituals and ‘pizza’ are not only related to the Los Angeles music industry, but more importantly, to an endless thread of musicians tied to underground music scenes in Los Angeles, Austin, Washington DC and New York City.

Several Los Angeles Record Labels and Venues hiding massive Luciferian ‘Pizza’ Cult directly connected to Comet Ping Pong
Since the untimely death of Chris Cornell, there has been speculation that his death was not in fact a suicide, but rather a premeditated murder to prevent Cornell from speaking out against a massive child sex abuse ring. I’m not here to argue about Cornell’s motives, if any, but whether Cornell may have known about a child sex abuse ring existing in the music industry. Interestingly, I didn’t have to look far to find a connection between Cornell and Pizzagate itself, as an artist on his former record label, Sub Pop Records, appeared to be promoting satanic pizza-related activity in one of his music Videos.
Sub Pop Records Lead #1 – Father John Misty
The first thing that drew my attention to Sub Pop Records was a strangely familiar music video by Father John Misty, former drummer for the Fleet Foxes and picaresque rock star. “This is Sally Hatchett” ( is set inside Purgatory Pizza (, a small venue located near Downtown Los Angeles ( The video makes a deliberate association between satanism, pizza and the simulation of a backroom execution, something that was suspected to be occurring at Comet. But evidence suggests that the restaurant is, along with Comet Ping Pong, closely associated with the same record labels and musicians.
The alliterative name struck me as odd, but not as odd as the trail of evidence that this conspicuous establishment would reveal. The theme of the restaurant has gnostic undertones–Purgatory is likely a reference to Dante’s Purgatorio, the second part of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, and is based on having to travel down through the underworld and through purgatory to get to paradise. In a recent post I made on Voat (, I explained that Comet Ping Pong was closely involved with the worship of Antinous, based on the profile picture of Comet owner James Alefantis (
The cult of Antinous were the originators of the strange practice of Spirit Cooking revived by Aleister Crowley and popularized, most recently, by the controversial Marina Abramovic. The deeper meaning of their practices is tangential to the seedier prospect of it concealing a child sex ring; what is important is that they worshipped Antinous, an underage boy regarded by the Roman elite as a figure of erotic beauty and pederasty, and continue to use him as a symbol.
More on Father John Misty
Album Art – Notice Child being mauled – More Album Art –×535/88217.jpegJPEG “Funtimes in Babylon” – References Lucifer – “Until the devil made me run” – “Satanic Christmas Eve” –
There’s something about Purgatory
It turns out that Purgatory Pizza has been serving as a ‘haven’ for bands for years, including known names like FIDLAR and The Black Lips. From LA Weekly (
In fact, just about everyone who works at Purgatory is in a band. The shop takes a liberal approach to hiring, and musicians can work there in between gigs. It feels vehemently anti-cooperate, and employees are paid in cash. If they have to take two weeks off to go on tour, no problem…”Purgatory feeds all of us, literally and figuratively,” says Zac Carper, lead singer of another Purgatory band, FIDLAR. They’re garage-punkers who often open for Bleached, and just played with The Black Lips. “They have no problem with last minute days off. Everyone is good friends.”
Meatbodies – Band who performed at Comet in Casual pedophilia promotion –
Closely associated with Purgatory Pizza are several recording artists who are signed by two record labels: In The Red Records and Burger Records, both based in California. Simply put, many artists from both of these labels have toured the United States and many have ended up at Comet Ping Pong, per concert posters provided by Sasha Lord Presents.
There are also several promotional companies (Blundertown, Cultist) that run late-night parties at well-known LA venues such as The Cha Cha Lounge and the Echoplex. Many of the artists here (who use Satanic Pizza/Pedophil symbolism) have also performed at Comet Ping Pong. Now this is where you need to look closely, because the events below stem directly from artists involved in Purgatory Pizza.
Extremely Explicit Suggestion of Pedophilia – Satanic Pizza – Meatbodies at Comet – Adult Afterparty – Ex-Cult – Blundertown in Austin – –
The Sub Pop Lead #2: The Flaming Lips and Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus’s phase as a pop music libertine appears to have come to an end, but her relationship with the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne (On Chris Cornell’s former label, Sub Pop Records), should raise a lot of questions. While she partied a lot and wore a lot of absurd clothing, her promotion of pizza with alien symbolism at her birthday got me suspicious.
I didn’t think much of it until I stumbled upon photos of her stage technician, who was quite literally using ‘pizza’ in a very familiar way.
With Jack Black and Pizza – Pizza on lady tattoo – Miley and Pizza –
And then I saw this photo, and a comment that indicates that Miley Cyrus’ use of pizza imagery was directly related to actual occult ritual involving children, and several suggestions that it was in fact a form of child abuse.
BRING YOUR DOGS AND CATS – codeword for young boys and girls – Miley and Coyne promoting logo of the album –
(And if you want to ‘debunk’ this, just ask: who would bring their cat anywhere?)
More interesting photos
Pizza and Eggs – Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil – Damien Hirst painting –
Burger Records
When Macauley Culkin released his Pizza Underground album, a band called “Personal & The Pizzas” threatened to “kill them” then “sue them” in a tongue-in-cheek post. But a closer look at their album art reveals a familiar, uncanny pattern of including children along with pizza symbolism.
A closer look at their album art reveals a familiar, uncanny pattern of including children along with pizza symbolism.
“Raw Pie” album Cover includes abused child – Major Red Flag – Eye of Horus, Dog – With Redd Kross – Slovenly, in Reno – and Pizza – Diet, Crime and Delinquency – Performing with other artists who performed at Comet –
[Continued in Comments]
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Comet Ping Pong Mural Artist Leads to Directly to Pizza Cult in Los Angeles
It’s worth noting that Arrington de Dionysio, the mural artist associated with Comet PP, led a band called “Old Time Relijun” and has been associated with two galleries who have the same schtick at Comet–One of Us Gallery in Los Angeles and True Measure in Portland. One of Us burns baby effigies and is obsessed with Pizza; True Measure showcases trauma-based art, like Alefantis’ Transformer Gallery.
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LA Witch
Los Angeles-based band performing for ‘Pizza Party Presents’ and ‘Lolipop Records’ – LA Witch at Comet Ping Pong –
FIDLAR music video for ‘Punks’ contains clear reference to nightclubs and blood-related executions/ritual abuse ( The video was directed, in part, by somebody who actively posts about pizza and hints at occult rituals. The video was also directed by individuals directly connected to ‘pizza party’ and Luciferian imagery–the same person who promoted dogs and cats with Miley Cyrus and her “fwends”.
In The Red Records and The Comet Link
25th Anniversary –
What makes In The Red Records so interesting is that it includes (1) musicians that use the exact same pizza symbolism we see everywhere else and (2) include musicians in Comet Ping Pong’s inner circle, including Kid Congo & the Pink Monkeybirds and Chain and the Gang. The close links between the latter two bands and the rest of the Los Angeles punk music scene is interesting because it proves that active members of the Comet Ping Pong community
The Make-Up – “Every Baby Cries the Same” – Kid Congo Powers – At Skull and Bones! – Kid Congo Powers – Suspicious Photo? – Saturn Iconography and Voodoo Necklace – With DJ Baby Alcatraz – Strange Pizza photo W/ Husband – John Waters –
Black Lips
Family Tree Music Video appears to show an uncanny depiction of “Spirit Cooking”, involving the rubbing of flour, blood and semen on singer –
The Black Lips, on the other hand, have written several songs about ritual abuse, pedophilia and snuff. They also had a music video directed by Luciferian filmmaker Kenneth Anger called ‘Modern Art’ ( The premise of the video is that they are in the ‘k-hole’ at a gallery called the Dali, and are hanging around in a private salon that includes chickens tied up to the wall. Their music includes several songs that reference satanic rituals, such as “Mad Dog” (, “Boys in the Wood” ( Underneath the Rainbow – Reference to Eyes Wide Shut
Ty Segall
Promotion of pizza aligned with concerts, very specific
“You Should Never Have Opened That Door” – Cover of Ramones song about sacrificing a child “Black Magic Will Save Us All” – Photo with eye – Ty Segall Pizza – Ty Segall Pizza ––ty-segall-surf.jpgJPG
Thee Oh Sees
Sign of the Cult of Saturn – Pizza Logo @ Pitchfork Festival – Performed in Portugal with Chain and the gang, closely associated with Comet –]
Desert Daze Festival
Includes several bands from In The Red Records, Burger Records, Some that have performed at Comet Ping Pong Suspicious Map Includes several “pedophile” spirals and pizzas – –


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