Collusion, perversion, radiation, prostitution, and other current events

Saudi Arabia armed by Canada as well as USA:

USA is helping out in Yemen by spreading war:

McCain’s stupidity killed more than 100 of his comrades:

US special forces on the ground in Lebanon –

American troops aiding Lebanese army ahead of border offensive against Islamic State, which could see participation of Hezbollah

According to the report, the US troops were in Lebanon to assist the Lebanese army in its upcoming offensive against the Islamic State — a campaign that the Lebanon-based, Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah was expected to join.
Military sources told the Asharq al-Awsat daily the US soldiers “have been present in Lebanon to monitor the US military aid delivered to the army.”
This week, Hezbollah took credit for ending the presence of al-Qaeda elements in the border area, following a week-long military offensive and then a negotiated settlement that saw hundreds of al-Qaeda-linked militants return to Syria along with their families and thousands of civilians.

The state’s witness agreement reached between the prosecution and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former aide, Ari Harow, on Friday has one virtually irreversible implication: An indictment against Netanyahu is coming.

Irradiated Pacific is irradiated:

Indignant Snowden is indignant:

Poisonous Monsanto is poisonous:

Underaged prostitutes are underaged:

Judge Praises ‘Good’ Done By Owner Of Gay Prostitution Site, Sentences Him to Only 6 Months
Chris Menahan
Aug. 04, 2017

The story of Jeffrey Hurant is an absolutely stunning contrast with that of Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road.

Ross Ulbricht said his dark net drug dealing website helped clean up the drug trade, yet he was demonized as a bloodthirsty drug dealing kingpin by the government and the media and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Jeffrey Hurant made the exact same arguments as Ulbricht in defense of his gay prostitution website, but he was showered with praise for the “good” he did by America’s first Afro-Caribbean-born federal judge — as well as the media — and was sentenced to only 6 months in prison.

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