Public service announcement: before you reblog, check the sources for known bad actors

I had been planning to reblog some shocking quotes, allegedly from Putin.  By sheer dumb luck, I stumbled across some people criticizing the claims because there was no original source in Cyrillic.

The story originated from Baxter Dmitry, who has attracted the ire of PCR on occasion.


PCR wrote:

I have taken down the Baxter Dmitry article. Apparently, he is one of these people who like to make practical jokes out of serious matters. PCR

I doubt that Dmitry is a joker. I think he’s a professional fraudster, possibly motivated by ad revenue.

Another source of highly exaggerated untruths is Sorcha Faal. If Sorcha is the only source, don’t bother printing it.

In addition to avaricious ad-sellers and crazy fanatics who think “fake it until you make it” applies to world politics, there are serious political fraudsters. Israel has quite a few politically motivated hasbaRATs, both on official payrolls and unofficial rosters.

If you have any sources that you consider to be suspect, post their names and your reasoning in the comments.

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