Voat accuses elite of rape and murder via Codella’s accusation

Taken from voat:

Retired NYPD Detective Sergeant Mike Codella reports ties between a criminal biker gang and an elite Satanic group that raped children and sacrificed a missing child (when the child was older)


pedophile and otherwise criminal biker gang were hired by elites in New York state to provide security around their mansions during Satanic rituals, including sacrifice of a known missing child, who was older at the time of his death.

This was reported to Mike Codella in the 1990’s by someone who was found to be credible.

Video: from 41:00, missing child detail is at 46:05

Mike Codella NYPD Investigated Son of Sam & Process Church Cult (2017)YouTube


More details, including from 27:40 – 31:15:

  • In the 1990’s the informant, a 1% bikerPNG Source who had been in prison for 15 years, contacted the NYPD to give information in the hopes they would provide a letter recommending his parole
  • 1% may also be a “secret” yet “out-in-the-open” reference tying outlaw motorcycle gangs to “the 1% elites”
  • The parties were held in Yonkers, 20 miles north of NYC, and at other homes within the affluent county of Westchester
  • The informant was vice president of the gang which was called the Rat Pack
  • He was incarcerated for CSA against his daughter; his wife had committed the same against their son, and other members of their gang were also pedophiles
  • The retired NYPD detective sergeant said people became involved with the [Process Church] cult for “sex [including rape of children], drugs, rock ‘n roll” and the Satanic rituals were a backdrop
  • Eventually the informant and the president of the Rat Pack ingratiated themselves with the elites, and became high priests in the cult
  • The informant said the rich people at the rituals used aliases
  • Despite this, one cult member was I.D.’d and tracked to his Florida car dealership and questioned. When the officers returned to question him some more, they found the dealership shut down and the suspect no longer around.


Finally, connections have been posted recently between Ordo Templi Orientis/OTO and Pizza-Pedogate. Just to note some sources claim the OTO created the Process Church cult.



It’s possible the elites combine the dressed-in-black, SWAT-like security teams for their murder parties that we more often hear of, together with outlaw biker gang security/interference running, even to this day.

The elites are said to commit SRA and murder in publicly owned, wooded areas as well. It seems the OMG’s/outlaw motorcycle gangs would likely be placed in areas of state parks, forest preserves and the like, to keep people away and to cause disruptions if need be, depending on where the rituals take place.



By the way, I’m not accusing Laura Silsby Gayler’s husband of anything, just pointing out that Norman Wade Gayler was reportedly a serial criminal and biker gang member in the past.

See Laura Silsby Became Laura Gayler When She Married Norman ‘Wade’ Gayler, Regional Director of Emergency Services At Red Cross by @pig_lifter



Side note: Westchester County is home to the Clintons (Chappaqua), since 1999.


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